Advanced Auditing and Incident Response

CoreView helps you get Microsoft 365 under control by providing automated monitoring, advanced auditing, and incident response capabilities you won't find in the native admin tools:

  1. Monitor Microsoft 365 and alert if something unusual occurs
  2. Audit activity and file access, quickly identifying what happened if there's a problem
  3. Prevent future security threats by automating resolution
CoreView's Security Dashboard
IT leaders today are dealing with more security threats and compliance requirements than ever. How do you keep up with a constantly-changing environment? Microsoft 365 admins need deep visibility to ensure that increased collaboration isn't also increasing the security risks.

Microsoft 365 Auditing & Monitoring With CoreView Gives You:

Full Value

Get more out of Microsoft 365 by optimizing licenses, driving adoption, and keeping everything under control.

Full Oversight

Identify and manage security and compliance gaps with visibility into everything from breach attempts to policy violations.

Full Speed

Turn hours of work into just a few clicks with automation that does the heavy lifting on manual, repetitive tasks.

Advanced Auditing & Incident Response

As soon as a hack or security breach occurs, three things need to happen:
  • Lock things down to stop the bleeding
  • Figure out what happened and the extent of the damage
  • Make changes to prevent future attacks
Sometimes an incident is a mistake: "Looks like I accidentally uploaded employee SSNs to a public SharePoint last month." Sometimes it's a new hack: "My system is acting funny, someone may have access to my account." And sometimes it's a hack that's been going on for months: "An intruder has been in our systems for months and we have no idea what's happening."

How does CoreView help?
  • Brings all Microsoft 365 data into a single high-performance database to break down silos and improve reporting
  • Maintains time-stamped snapshots to capture every change in the system
  • Allows admins to explore event logs in real-time - without jumping into different admin portals or databases
  • Enables security professionals to quickly identify compromised accounts, determine where and when unusual activity started, trace the incident through multiple apps, and take action
  • Allows auditing governed by our Virtual Tenant and RBAC technology so local admins can only view data relevant to them
  • Issues can be found and traced through all Microsoft systems in minutes - instead of hours or weeks with native tools
Audit activities
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When an Excel file with social security numbers was accidentally uploaded to a Public SharePoint, CoreView was able to quickly identify who accessed the file and how to resolve it.
Security dashboard

Continuous Monitoring & Alerting

If you're waiting until something major goes wrong, or you're notified of a problem by an employee, vendor, or third party - you're leaving yourself open to a ton of headaches.

Security monitoring and compliance aren't one-off or even annual activities; they're a continuous need to be aware of what's going on in your environment and take action when necessary.

Need to monitor compliance with security frameworks such as CIS Benchmarks or NIST Guidance? With CoreView, you can setup automated alerting whenever there's suspicious activity, non-compliance with a policy, or almost anything else you want to keep an eye on, so you always know what's going on.
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When an executive had their email hacked, CoreView helped the security team quickly see exactly what happened and when, remediate the issue, and setup alerts in case of a similar attack in the future.

Incident & Attack Prevention

When incidents do occur, it's an opportunity to learn and prevent it from happening again. Or better yet - learn from incidents that happen to other companies, and prevent them in yours!

Let's say you had a problem where you discovered that you had many public Teams that were potentially exposing your sensitive data to outsiders. With CoreView, simply setup automation that requires approval if someone tries to setup a public Team.

Perhaps you're regularly reviewing access and have a policy to disable any accounts that haven't accessed anything in 90 days. But there are always exceptions, such as an employee who's on leave. With CoreView, you can manage the exceptions too - adding end dates and notes to any exceptions so everyone knows why the exception was granted.
User password settings dashboard
Workflow screenshot

Automated Security Resolution

We go beyond just letting you know when there's an issue - we also allow you to setup automations to stop the bleeding while you investigate. Had a suspicious login from an unusual country?  Immediately shut down access while you figure out if it's legitimate or not.

There are new types of attacks and new threats all the time - wouldn't you prefer to lock down first, and ask questions later?  The alternative is blissful ignorance - which means the attack may go on for weeks or even months before you find it and shut it down, dramatically increasing the headaches - and costs - to your organization.

With CoreView, you can achieve real security enforcement with ongoing monitoring, alerting, and resolution - so you can get it all under control.

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