Consolidated Reporting, Remediation, and Auditing Across All M365 Services in a Single Dashboard

Microsoft 365 is probably one of your biggest, if not your biggest, software expense, management burden, and security risk. Doesn't it make sense to use a tool that's designed specifically for one of the most complex cloud services?

At CoreView, we eat, sleep and breathe Microsoft 365, and we help thousands of IT Security teams automate alerting and remediate security issues before they get out of control.
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How Enterprises Secure M365

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Search, Filter, and Alert on Audit Data Efficiently - So You Always Know What Happened (and How to Fix It)

Quickly determine what led to a breach and identify affected files and systems. CoreView retains logs for at least a year, and continually monitors M365, closely scanning all user and admin activities, so IT can view long-term M365 audit log data for deep forensics and root cause analysis.

Monitor Compliance With Security Frameworks Such as CIS Benchmarks or NIST Guidance as Well as Internal Policies

According to the NSA and others, a significant amount of cybersecurity attacks are targeted at organizations using Microsoft 365. And M365 contains your most sensitive organizational data.

But how do you keep up with the ever-changing recommendations and requirements for keeping your environment safe?

With CoreView, you can schedule reports and even take automated action on results, such as:
  • Which users have MFA enabled - and what the value should be
  • Mailbox forwarding and other risky configurations, such as anonymous access, excessive admin access, etc.
  • Grant or block access to users
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Quickly Identify and Remediate Suspicious Behavior, Internally or Externally

Find and stop suspicious sign-ins and sign-ins from infected devices. Stop hackers, phishing, and malware spread. Automate the quarantining of accounts until identity can be verified.

Receive automated alerts and reporting across M365 for:
  • Breach attempts
  • Email forwards
  • External file sharing
  • Mailbox security risks
  • Policy violations
  • And more...
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