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Continuously monitor for dangerous file sharing, end user malfeasance, misconfiguration, and breach attempts – and tackle them fast!

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“CoreView is just an easy interface to Office 365. It allows us to manage properly the Microsoft Office 365 tenant without any security issues. The SLA is very high and we have never experienced a downtime. They continue to improve the product day by day.”

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Common ChallengesResults with CoreView
Hard to configure user and environmental settings to prevent data breaches – before they occurInstantly identify and fix common misconfigurations that account for the vast majority of breaches
Determining what led to a breach and identifying affected files and systems, especially if activity logs are not retainedMonitor M365/O365 and other SaaS all at once, closely scanning all user and admin activities
No insight into dangerous user behaviorGet alerts and reports of suspicious logins, breach attempts, email forwards, external file sharing, MFA settings and activities, mailbox security risks, weak passwords, policy violations and more
View M365/O365 audit log data for forensics

Discover, analyze and manage M365/O365 — plus other SaaS applications of all shapes and sizes with CoreView

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