Asmodee supercharges IT efficiency with CoreView’s delegated administration

Asmodee supercharges IT efficiency with CoreView’s delegated administration
  • Asmodee benefited from CoreView implementation: increased security through Perfect Permissions and centralized reporting.
  • Role-based permissions enabled the company to ensure appropriate access to information for different users.
  • CoreView's reporting capabilities provided ongoing visibility into license usage and helped maintain governance, while empowering local admins and automating workflows improved the IT team's efficiency and reduced reliance on the central IT team.
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Asmodee is a global leader in the publishing of board games, card games, and role-playing games. Established in France in 1995 with the aim of developing their own games and publishing and distributing for smaller game developers, Asmodee has achieved success through five mergers and acquisitions, including partnerships with Board Game Arena and Lookout Games. Today, Asmodee is a renowned name in the gaming industry with a global distribution network.

The challenge

Asmodee, a global entertainment leader, has a small central IT team that was inundated with requests across all of their lines of business. As a result of their five mergers and acquisitions, local admins for their different business units lacked autonomy, and their small IT team was overburdened with managing their complex Microsoft 365 environment. This made it difficult to run a harmonious IT organization without internal politics or conflicts between groups and business units. Asmodee needed a way to delegate permissions to remove the onus on their central IT team while improving their security standards.

They also needed a more efficient way to execute onboardings and offboardings in the cloud.

Asmodee chose CoreView to help them better control their complex Microsoft 365 environment and increase the efficiency of their IT team.

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The solution

With CoreView, Asmodee was able to manage their Microsoft 365 licenses, empower local admins rather than relying on their small central IT team, and reduce security risks. To do this, Asmodee took advantage of CoreView’s:

Virtual TenantTM

Virtual Tenants help create isolated environments within Microsoft 365. This means that each acquired company or business unit can have its dedicated space, preserving their existing settings and configurations.

Perfect PermissionsTM

  • Granular control: Perfect Permissions enables fine-grained control over access and permissions. For organizations that have merged or acquired—like Asmodee—this is crucial for ensuring that users have appropriate access to resources and data, limiting the risk of data breaches or unauthorized usage.
  • Streamlined compliance: Perfect Permissions assists in maintaining compliance standards by setting up and enforcing consistent permission structures and access policies across different merged or acquired entities

Automated workflows

  • Standardized processes: Automated workflows help streamline and standardize processes across multiple acquired entities. For example, various processes like user onboarding/offboarding, license management, or security settings can be automated during mergers and acquisitions, ensuring a consistent and efficient approach.
  • Efficiency and productivity: Automation reduces the manual effort needed for repetitive tasks, allowing the IT team to focus on more strategic tasks. It also helps to speed up the integration process, leading to increased productivity.

Centralized reporting

With CoreView’s reporting capabilities, Asmodee can monitor usage, better manage licenses and maintain governance.

Following multiple mergers and acquisitions, CoreView’s features have collectively contributed to a smoother integration process for Asmodee’s IT team. CoreView enables Asmodee to take a structured and centralized approach to managing diverse environments, while simultaneously ensuring each entity’s individual settings and permissions are maintained. Asmodee is now able to maintain security, compliance, and operational efficiency across the organization, despite the diversity resulting from mergers and acquisitions.

The results

Asmodee has realized a number of benefits from implementing CoreView, including increased security through Perfect Permissions and centralized reporting. By giving role-based permissions to admins, they can ensure that the right people have access to the right information. CoreView’s reporting capabilities provide ongoing visibility into license usage and aids the team in maintaining governance.

Asmodee’s IT team is now notably more efficient, with an average of 200 management actions performed per week. This was made possible by empowering local admins and automating workflows—particularly for onboarding and offboarding. This helped Asmodee shift from reliance on their small, central IT team to a well-oiled organization supported at the individual business unit level.

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