Optimized Microsoft 365 licensing for healthcare company driving savings & efficiency

Optimized Microsoft 365 licensing for healthcare company driving savings & efficiency
  • Region: United States
  • 250,000+ Employees
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With a team of more than 250,000 employees – and the overarching goal of transforming healthcare – it's incredibly important that they maintain efficient company-wide communication, especially during the pandemic. Using Microsoft 365, they were able to maintain that communication but needed to be able to dig into the data and understand how, exactly, employees were using M365’s tools. Without this information, they were struggling to maintain the right license mix and ensure adoption.

Enter CoreView.

The Challenge

The American care consortium’s IT team needed a tool to help them analyze and understand 250,000+ employees’ usage of Microsoft 365, so they could tailor licensing, training, and permissions accordingly.

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The Solution

CoreView not only offered the reporting needed to pull the data and optimize licensing but also offered white-glove service to ensure all of their employees (yes, all 250,000 of them!) knew exactly how to use M365. This resulted in:

  • Better Efficiency and Administration – CoreView was able to sort through the = chaos, package up and deliver the data in a way that allowed the IT department and executive teams to understand Microsoft 365 usage. Then, CoreView helped simplify administration, reducing admin headaches. In fact, over 500 management actions have been completed to date.
  • Improved License Management – With CoreView’s help, they were able to reduce waste, re-allocate licenses where needed, and run regular reporting to ensure each team had the licensing option that made the most sense for them.

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