Burke Porter Group manages multiple acquisitions without it headaches

Burke Porter Group manages multiple acquisitions without it headaches
  • Region: United States
  • 1,500 Employees
  • Delegated Administration
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BPG (Burke Porter Group), is a manufacturing-focused holding company with more than 16 brands — spanning 14 countries across four continents and including more than 1,600 licensed Microsoft 365 users. BPG’s explosive growth has been driven by mergers and acquisitions (or M&A). Making an already hectic working environment a forever changing and evolving challenge with a growing number of IT administrative teams (at a variety of levels).

With this rapid expansion, the use of tools – in particular, Microsoft 365 – needed to be under control. With the addition of subsidiaries and the adoption of tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, their unruly tenant needed to be under control before security risks became a concern. Because tenant chaos is a cybercriminal’s best friend. BPG sought out a partner to help them get a 365-degree view into their tenant.

Enter CoreView.

The challenge

BPG’s IT team needed a way to empower subsidiaries’ IT teams to manage their own users while maintaining centralized control and oversight – and of course, while maintaining security.

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The solution

CoreView’s platform brought full value, full oversight, at full speed to BPG while also placing control in the right hands. How so?

  • Making post-acquisition handoff seamless – Providing a quick and easy way to dictate how much control each local or subsidiaries’ IT admin has over the tenant, CoreView was able to help the global IT director delegate tasks and empower his teams without sacrificing security – even when onboarding entirely new admins and brands. This meant smoother sailing for all parties, post-acquisition.  
  • Eliminate manual tasks = More savings and less time – After adopting CoreView, the IT team was able to use automated workflows to sort through processes, safely separate an employee’s data, free up unused licenses, and more. Now the team can do common tasks like onboarding and off-boarding employees in a consistent, repeatable way thanks to automated workflows. And they are always ready for the next acquisition – now that they have M365 under control.
  • Take action faster – In order to accurately report each brand’s profit and loss statement (P&L), BPG needs to assess how much is being spent on services like M365 on a local level. Because the organization has a larger Microsoft enterprise agreement, determining how much to charge back to each sub-brand required a complex series of calculations each quarter. But because of CoreView’s powerful, centralized reporting engine that lets you make changes, adjust settings, and address problems directly from a report these calculations are a breeze, saving hours upon hours of manual effort.

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