Marcegaglia streamlines migration of users after M&A with the help of CoreView

Marcegaglia streamlines migration of users after M&A with the help of CoreView
  • Migrated approximately 500 users
  • Saved 3 days of work
  • Enabled Marcegaglia’s IT team to work more efficiently, eliminating delays and routing issues
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The challenge: M&A employees continue to use their legacy mailboxes

Corporate mergers and acquisitions disrupt business process management. While offering strategic benefits, they also present challenges in daily operations due to structural changes, which can hinder productivity and administrative efficiency.

Like other large companies, Marcegaglia has encountered opportunities and challenges arising from mergers and acquisitions. Integrating existing employees into the new system is a challenging task, and Marcegaglia was faced with the trend of using the acquired company’s old accounts instead of transitioning to the new business systems.

This habit caused confusion for users during the transition and risked causing the loss of messages sent to inactive accounts with consequent delays in communication.

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CoreView has allowed us to improve Microsoft 365 tenant management. In particular, it has given us a more comprehensive overview and made governance more effective. In this way, it was possible to identify areas for optimization and automate a number of tasks that would otherwise have been time-consuming.

– Renzo Rossi, CTO, Marcegaglia

The solution

Insight played a crucial role in assisting Marcegaglia with software selection, considering their governance needs. It facilitated the evaluation of CoreView as a potential solution and established a seamless integration between Marcegaglia and CoreView, ensuring effective user management. To resolve the situation, careful migration and consolidation of user accounts were required to seamlessly transition all employees to Marcegaglia systems. By effectively managing this aspect of the M&A process, Marcegaglia aimed to optimize communication and collaboration, fostering a cohesive and productive work culture.

Polices to enable an effortless migration

CoreView has implemented policies to identify newly created but temporarily unused accounts, hide them from the internal address book, and configure an out-of-office message to inform colleagues that the mailbox is not yet active. Through further workflows, these messages are then removed when the mailbox is reactivated.

The impact

By implementing CoreView, Marcegaglia achieved significant improvements in managing temporarily unused accounts during the migration process. CoreView identified these accounts, hid them from the internal address book, and set up an out-of-office message for internal senders. This informed colleagues that the mailbox of new colleagues was inactive due to the ongoing migration.

After completing the migration, Marcegaglia plans to set a flag for active users in the new tenant. CoreView’s Playbooks and Workflows will automatically remove the out-of-office message and republish email addresses in the centralized address book.

By partnering with CoreView, Marcegaglia has seen significant improvements in managing newly created accounts that were temporarily unused during the migration process. To date, Marcegaglia has successfully migrated approximately 500 users using CoreView, saving a total of 3 days, and enabling Marcegaglia’s IT team to work more efficiently, eliminating delays and routing issues.

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