Mateco supercharges M365 productivity with delegation, no code workflows, and security automation

Mateco supercharges M365 productivity with delegation, no code workflows, and security automation
  • Automation advantage: Mateco optimized IT operations with CoreView's no-code workflows, enhancing efficiency.
  • Cost savings: Achieved €70,000 in license cost reductions through CoreView's robust license management tools.
  • Security enhancement: Strengthened Microsoft 365 security and prevented data breaches using CoreView’s automated best practices.
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Delegated M365 access with least privilege for local IT admins

Mateco's ambition to accelerate its growth, which began five years ago, relied heavily on the IT teams in Belgian headquarters and Mexico. By bringing everyone under a single Microsoft 365 platform, Mateco could implement Dynamics 365 in every country, with Belgium overseeing IT operations.

The proposed expansion came with its share of challenges - since each country’s IT department lacked trained staff for M365, Mateco sought a solution allowing local IT to manage their resources during onboarding without giving them excessive privileges.

M365’s native capabilities were not enough

Mateco’s vision was to create subtenants that could be customized and administered to align with local requirements. Regrettably, Microsoft did not provide this functionality natively, and the built-in Admin centers were inadequate for handling advanced IT operations. Moreover, digital debt in different locations could cause problems. Therefore, central IT had to assign delegated administrators to share the tasks.

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One thing that differentiates CoreView from other companies, is the support. The support is direct and takes a couple of minutes. There is a chat functionality within CoreView, if you share your issue a ticket is created, and they take care of it.

– Imre Tholen, IT Collaboration Expert at Mateco

The solution: CoreView

Imre Tholen, the M365 strategy manager at Mateco, sought a solution. CoreView emerged as a powerful solution, addressing the need for tenant segmentation and granular role-based access with its potent Virtual Tenant technology. By segmenting their tenant based on countries and implementing role-based action controls, Mateco gained the ability to manage their tenant securely. For example, specific users can create security groups but are stopped from deleting them.

The platform was deployed worldwide, making it the new IT operation center. This gave both shared IT services and local administrators the rights they needed to do their jobs. Incidents such as accidental mass actions that caused the unwanted removal of 90 groups were now avoidable.

Using CoreView to solve other M365 challenges

  • Saving time with no-code automation: Mateco benefitted from CoreView's features for access management and virtual tenants. With Appdate's help, Imre made a set of reports for local IT and management. He also documented existing and new procedures with no-code, low-code workflows, and scheduled them based on the reporting.
  • €70,000 saved with license management: CoreView became the bedrock supporting  Mateco’s global expansion. Additionally, by leveraging CoreView's powerful reporting capabilities, Mateco achieved substantial cost savings of €70,000 in licensing expenses. This was made possible due to their enhanced visibility into usage, allowing them to identify opportunities for license reuse whenever possible.
  • Preventing data breaches with security automation: With CoreView, they’ve defused what could have been a ticking time bomb— a lack of governance for Microsoft 365. Guided by a zero-trust model, CoreView established a set of best practices (playbooks) for various workloads. These playbooks enable Mateco and many other CoreView customers to accurately track, modify, and constantly enhance both IT and user aspects.

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