Microsoft 365 admins can access hundreds of customizable workflows in the Workflow Library to eliminate manual processes and reduce overall time spent on repetitive tasks, eliminating error-prone handoffs and the need for writing and managing dozens of scripts. 

Workflows are centralized in the library and inherit all the Virtual Tenants™ and role-based access control permissions in place from the assigned operator. This ensures that users can distribute enough power for operators to perform complex tasks while making sure they are working only within their operation.

Offboarding CoreView workflow

Workflow functionality

  • The library is powered by an automation engine that allows users to combine multiple tasks into a single process and then delegate actions to local operators securely.
  • Automated workflows allow conditional logic and integration with other workflows into the stream. During workflow creation, CoreView offers both Microsoft 365-related native and custom actions and actions solely connected to the engine itself.
  • Different types of workflows work for different scenarios, and users can create workflows like automated flow, agency-process flow, instant flow and scheduled flow.
  • CoreView’s workflow can communicate with other third-party solutions using application programming interface (API) keys that can be generated and used for such a connection.

How workflows are created

CoreView provides more than 100+ out-of-the-box management actions which can be executed on a one-off basis or as part of automated workflows and can also be extended with custom actions. Actions refer to the operations that a workflow will process during its execution. They are provided as built-in features from CoreView but can also be reused with custom actions inside workflows as well.

Admins can use their tested and proven PowerShell/Graph scripts and convert them into buttons for other operators, leveraging CoreView as a central repository of scripts, and a means to prevent privilege escalation (since users won’t need PowerShell access to execute these actions). 
User CoreView Dashboard

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