What is CoreView?

CoreView is a SaaS-based control layer designed to simplify Microsoft 365 administration.

In this 90 second clip, we walk through the benefits that CoreView provides and how IT professionals can get their Microsoft tenants under control.

Rich reporting allows for deep-dive analysis of a wide variety of workloads across the entire Microsoft 365 experience. Every report is actionable, meaning that decisions and executions can be made right from within reports, simplifying and easing the process of getting things done.

With CoreView you can report on nearly anything to do with yourOffice 365 tenant – Microsoft Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, licensing, and much more.

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In addition, actions can be automated and built into comprehensive workflows that streamline business processes to allow for more efficient day-to-day operations. Automations are tied to key performance indicators, allowing for continuous compliance with enterprise protocols.

Stay one step ahead of the perpetrators by setting up automations to:

  • Monitor and alert if something wonky occurs in your system. For example, someone signing in from Seattle and the next minute in Moscow. (Last time we checked time travel wasn’t widely available)
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with both internal and external policies.Use CoreView to help with the mass role out of securities procedures like MFA.

Learn how to master continuous compliance with CoreView.

In addition, leverage playbooks to distill years of governance expertise into best practices and policies that are easy to configure and provide immediate results.

Lastly, Virtual Tenants allow for scoping and segmentation of a tenant so that administrators see only those objects that they have direct responsibility for managing. This allows for increased efficiency and an improved end-user experience, all while reducing total privileges and building a true least privilege access model.

This level of control reduces the blast radius, allowing for a true zero-trust implementation strategy.

Additionally, permission sets allow for direct control of exactly what administrators can or can't do with the objects they're responsible for.

Learn all about perfect permissions and how to reduce IT admin headaches by reading our one pager.

CoreView's capabilities around visibility, segmentation, delegation, and automation enable enterprises to be more efficient, secure, and compliant.

CoreView stops the chaos and gets Microsoft 365 under control. TheMicrosoft 365 Management Platform helps IT teams get the full value fromMicrosoft 365, gain full oversight of their environment, and move at full speed.

More than 10 million users and the world’s largest organizations rely on CoreView to craft perfect privileges, eliminate wasted licenses, drive adoption, and automate repetitive tasks.

With CoreView, Microsoft 365 is under control.

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