What is CoreView?

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform.

It will take less than 90 seconds for you to see how the CoreView platform helps every admin involved in a Microsoft 365 or hybrid environment.

Here are a few things you will see:

Delegated administration
CoreView makes it easy to implement delegated administration while maintaining full oversight of a Microsoft environment. Using Virtual Tenants™, IT leaders can designate the right level of access to each admin based on their job scope.

Automated governance
CoreView helps improve Microsoft 365 management by providing automated monitoring and response capabilities that are not available in the native admin tools. IT teams can identify misconfigurations, security or policy gaps and use Playbooks to automate action plans.

Workflows and automation
CoreView allows users to automate manual admin processes, reducing overall time spent on repetitive tasks, eliminating error-prone handoffs and the need for writing and managing dozens of scripts. The CoreView platform has its own workflow automation engine that allows users to combine multiple tasks into a single process and to delegate to local operators securely.  

License management
CoreView helps teams control spend with unparalleled visibility across Microsoft 365 tenants and any legacy on-premises environments. From with real-time dashboards to scheduled reporting, teams can:

  • Manage unused, duplicate and disabled licenses  
  • Identify overprovisioned licenses
  • Create license pools for faster assignment across different groups
  • Process chargebacks and showbacks
  • Track adoption for every Microsoft 365 user

Yes, that’s a lot to pack into 90 seconds. If you want more, reach out and book a custom demo. We will even do a courtesy health check on your environment so you can quickly decide if CoreView makes sense for your team.

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