Welcome to this video on hybrid capabilities within CoreView. In a hybrid enterprise that consists of Microsoft 365, alongside traditional on-premises assets like Active Directory and Exchange, managing the provisioning and de-provisioning of users mailboxes, security, and distribution groups can be pretty challenging.

Today we're going to take a quick look at how CoreView can help to simplify the experience of onboarding a new user in these complex hybrid environments. 

One Action to Rule Them All

What if I said that you could create a new user without worrying about a sync operation to true up Azure AD with your on-prem active directory implementation?

CoreView has a unique action that will create a synchronized user, which will essentially create a new user object on both sides of that equation simultaneously, and then tie things up behind the scenes in one single action. This means that you're able to minimize the amount of time required to get from the initial request to the final operational user object.

Automate Everything

CoreView's workflow engine allows for seamless operational automation across all workloads. This means that in the same process, I can manage on-premises and cloud actions together. 

In this case, we've created a new synchronized user. We can edit their properties, enable things like VPN and multifactor authentication capabilities, and assign that user to particular security groups, whether on cloud or on premises, among other more specific and esoteric customizations, all within the same global onboarding process.

Conditional logic options allow us to take dynamic actions depending on upstream occurrences within the same workflow, so we can really make it as simple or as dynamic as our business needs dictate.

Homogenous Reporting

Because CoreView can tie everything together this way, reporting becomes a snap as we can easily pivot, and filter based on account type to see all users across both sides of the cloud boundary. So, as you can see, CoreView makes managing these very complex hybrid environments much, much easier.

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