It shouldn’t take three days and another new PowerShell script to answer, “How many users on the EMEA finance team logged onto Teams this month?”

Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration tool. And with the increase in remote and hybrid work, usage is skyrocketing. But when Microsoft Teams is out of control, it can make collaboration worse:

  • Creating silos of information
  • Sprawling channels
  • Risky practices leading to data loss nightmares

CoreView helps you get full oversight of your Teams environment, helping you get the full value of the tool at full speed - so you can adapt to whatever comes next.

Join us as CoreView’s John Reumann, Sr. Director of Channel, and Roy Martinez, Solution Architect discuss how CoreView can help your customers:

  • Realize the full potential of Microsoft 365 – so they’re happier (and more likely to increase their investment!)

Then, we’ll share how we help:

  • Close lingering gaps in your Microsoft Teams security and compliance policies
  • Cut time-consuming Microsoft Teams administration and management
  • Stops confusion among users as to what they should and shouldn’t do in their Microsoft Teams
  • Easily troubleshoot call quality issues

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