2020 was a difficult year for IT teams, and 2021 will be challenging as well. IT teams are being asked to do more with less, support more diverse teams, respond to more security threats, make fewer mistakes, and get the most out of every piece of technology they use.

The constant and ongoing effort of IT teams to be efficient, proactive and quick to establish the remote work can lead to missing other important steps in preparing for incident response and manage daily tasks. And every “Master Chef” knows that preparation is the key to a winning dish.

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The Secret Recipe to Mastering Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is undoubtedly one of the biggest Microsoft 365 Management platforms today. Over the past few years, particularly through the pandemic, organizations have been transitioning there IT services into the Cloud, with visibility, management, and automation as the major game changer influencing their decisions.

However, as much as Microsoft 365 provides multiple benefits for organizations and the small teams that utilize it, one factor that can hinder total efficiency is not having the requisite knowledge of how to operate on the platform. With the constant and ongoing effort of IT teams to be efficient, proactive, and quick to establish remote work, they can easily miss the important steps in preparing for incident response and management of daily tasks. Are you wondering what the secret recipe to Microsoft 365 is? Read on to find out.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive and integrated set of productivity, collaboration, security, and compliance solutions that can be deployed across organizations of all sizes. The benefits of Microsoft 365 include the following:


Microsoft 365 is a remarkable collaboration platform. It presents users with several functionalities that are improved on periodically. However, as much as this is the case, these functionalities require individual administrative centers to operate the workloads. Leveraging administrative centers like PowerShell is a great idea, but they require a high level of dedication and know-how to maintain.


With Microsoft 365, there are several processes within the organizational network that require efficient management.  These processes have fast become complex, and central IT teams have more work to handle regarding digital transformation and underlying technology changes.

There’s a need to delegate the number of logs registered on these perimeters, which may lead to delays if all the responsibilities are put on the central team.


For many teams, this is a vital use of the Microsoft 365 platform. From the automation of workflows to the onboarding and offboarding of users, process and workflow automation plays an important role in the overall performance of an organization.

For instance, automating legacy and protocol checks for your users 24/7 can automatically disable users who don’t meet the criteria, thereby securing your network and reducing the chances of security attacks.

It’s important to note at this point that deriving these benefits from Microsoft 365 requires much more than only purchasing the product. To get the best out of your Microsoft 365 environment, you must prepare effectively and use tools that allow you to standardize your administration and processes.

What Is the Secret Recipe to Mastering Microsoft 365?

CoreView is that tool that acts as the secret recipe to mastering Microsoft 365 and getting the best out of the product. It can improve your 365 efficiencies in the following ways;

  • Improving visibility

Regarding visibility needs, with the several workloads and functionalities that are there to handle, CoreView helps in bringing all data into a single pane of glass where it’s much easier to visualize, report on, and search. 

CoreView also ensures that you can add your own custom data while providing a broader view of your different levels of needs. With over 200 out-of-the-box reports, organizations are able to get a quick insight into the data they have and need. CoreView also has usage information that quickly provides an overview of workloads, particularly those in use in your tenant over time.

  • Easier management of tasks

CoreView also makes day-to-day management and delegation of tasks much easier. The burden on the central IT team to manage mundane activities will be reduced. It secures your organization by providing the least privileged access to gain more granularity in the delegation, reducing the scope of the administrator’s tasks.

  • Accelerated automation

Lastly, CoreView helps in maximizing the automation benefits of Microsoft 365 by simplifying processes, delegating to the right people, and reducing human errors and the burden on IT teams. Within CoreView, a hybrid agent can orchestrate different processes across the two environments – OnPrem and in the Cloud.

IT teams are now saddled with the responsibility of finding easier ways to do more with less, supporting more activities within the team, responding quickly to threats, making fewer mistakes, and getting the most out of the technology they have. CoreView presents IT teams with a perfect tool to navigate their Microsoft 365 needs. Schedule your demo today.

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