Sound familiar? You have a customer that has been drowning in an ocean of seldomly used or dead Microsoft Teams channels that are in desperate need of a spring cleaning.

Having customers that fully use their software, renew their software – and buy more!?!  It’s the age old saying...happy customer, happy life. With CoreView we help your customers get Microsoft 365 under control, so they can reduce the chaos, and get the full value from their existing investment.

Join CoreView’s John Reumann, Senior Director of Channel, and Michael Smith, Solution Architect discuss how CoreView can help your customers:

  • Realize the full potential of Microsoft 365 – so they’re happier (and more likely to increase their investment!)

Then, we’ll share how we help:

  • Get Microsoft Teams sprawl under control (along with everything else in Microsoft 365!)
  • Automate manual tasks (so IT can focus on more strategic projects)
  • Monitor and secure their Microsoft 365 environment

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