On-demand webinar

Five strategies for automation success in Microsoft 365

Identify Team. Request owner approval. Await response. Add new member. Update roster. Notify team. Confirm member access. Rinse. Repeat.

Sound familiar? This daily routine is a black hole, swallowing your time and energy.

In this 25-minute webinar, Technology Evangelist Roy Martinez dove deep into the expansive universe of Microsoft 365—from Power Automate’s on-the-spot automation to Azure's synergy with Microsoft 365 and beyond. You’ll come away with insights for building your automation strategy, practical tips for dodging common automation hiccups and best practices for leveraging available tools in Microsoft 365—all with the goal of improving accuracy, detection and remediation.

You'll learn:

  • How to build your automation strategy, including the definition and types of workflows and automation and how to integrate them seamlessly into your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Power Automate’s advanced workflow scope and utility and how to create dynamic flows across various workloads.
  • How to harness the full potential of native Microsoft apps for automation, including practical examples of on-the-spot automation via Power Automate integrations in Microsoft Lists and more.
  • Effective strategies for integrating Azure services, like Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions, extending your automation capabilities beyond Microsoft 365 and into the broader Microsoft ecosystem.
  • The top 20 tasks your peers are automating, providing a benchmark to compare and enhance your own automation practices, spanning everything from user onboarding to managing Teams.

Ready to reduce manual effort, regain hours in your day, and improve system accuracy—all with automation? Watch on-demand now!