On-demand webinar

Governance for everyone: five building blocks for a stress-free Microsoft 365 world

No one team can (or should) be solely responsible for establishing and enforcing your organization's governance strategy for Microsoft 365. Everyone—from C-level executives and business owners to admins and end-users—should be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge.

But, policy enforcement and anomaly detection tasks pose challenges due to their complexity and the constant monitoring and analysis they demand. You must have a structured, coordinated approach to ensure your environment is secure and compliant. So, where do you start?

Watch on-demand as subject-matter experts Chief Global Strategist David Mascarella, Product Marketing Manager Kas Nowicka, and Technology Evangelist Roy Martinez give practical guidance for building your governance strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Define governance rules and policies. Identify stakeholders, best practices, and policies and rules for a robust governance framework.
  • Detect anomalies to ensure compliance. Understand methods and tools to help detect compliance issues and anomalies in your environment.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy. Delve into the impacts, causes and trends tied to anomalies. Learn how to foster communication with stakeholders and make collective, informed decisions on exceptions.
  • Remediate and manage exceptions. Learn how to handle issues of non-compliance using automated remediation processes and recertification.
  • Communicate across the organization. Understand how to create and maintain clear, effective collaboration across various departments, teams, and stakeholders.

You’ll walk away with practical recommendations for a successful (and proactive) governance plan—backed by real-life examples and best practices.


David Mascarella has over 20 years of experience in Microsoft and IT. During his experience as a Microsoft systems integrator, he helped numerous organizations implement and manage cloud environments and navigate challenges related to data control, vendor lock-in, security, compliance, and more. As a co-founder of CoreView, his current role is acting as managing director and chief global strategist for CoreView—leading internal, channel, and customer enablement, and driving innovation and thought leadership.

With a decade of experience exclusively focused on Microsoft cloud solutions, Kas Nowicka melds her tech knowledge with her background in understanding human behavior and being an educator and technology evangelist at heart—covering fundamentals of governance, adoption, and productivity in Microsoft 365. She has worked in the field as a solutions architect and helped dozens of organizations to ease their most pressing Microsoft 365-related pains.

Roy Martinez is an established expert in Microsoft and IT infrastructure with over 16 years spent designing, deploying, protecting, and securing IT infrastructure across several key verticals. As CoreView’s technology evangelist, Roy brings a deep understanding of Microsoft governance and extensive experience in driving effective Microsoft 365 adoption, automation, and management strategies.