On-demand webinar

Optimal strategies for Microsoft 365 License management

The more licenses you buy, the higher the chance that some will go to waste. In fact, between 10-20% of Microsoft 365 licenses go unused, unassigned or over-assigned at most organizations.

Even with the vast capabilities of native tools, there's an opportunity for even greater visibility to make pinpointing waste easier. 

Instead of unused licenses piling up, tame the chaos of Microsoft 365 license management. In this webinar, CoreView Customer Connect series: Optimal strategies for Microsoft 365 license management, our VP of Product Dan Flanigan and Technology Evangelist Roy Martinez share insights for doing just that plus more.

You’ll learn about:

  • Upleveling license usage and optimal strategies for license management with CoreView best practices
  • The newest product features from CoreView and what’s happening in Q3
  • A quick overview of CoreVoice