Eliminate Errors & Speed Up Tasks with SaaS Automation

Built-in workflow templates automate common SaaS management tasks, guaranteeing proper configuration and error-free provisioning.

automated saas task management

“For the money spent to value received, the CoreView product has provided us the biggest ROI for any of our IT management tools by far.”

Joshua Fritsch, VP of Information Technology, Accuweather

How We Help

Common ChallengesResults with CoreView
Common tasks like provisioning and de-provisioning users are time consuming, tedious, and prone to errors, angering users and increasing help desk callsAutomate common business processes like user provisioning, de-provisioning, and cloning; have workflows that alert and prompt actions directly from reports
Incomplete or delayed-deprovisioning of departed users creates security risks and wasted license spendAutomatically scan configurations and activities to identify problems and enforce policies
You want to automate everything you can, but do not have the needed workflow tools.Easily automate tasks using the visual workflow builder that incorporates approval management steps, custom scripts, and more

Discover, analyze and manage M365/O365 — plus other SaaS applications of all shapes and sizes with CoreView

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