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Benefits of Automating Admin Tasks with CoreView’s Workflow Capabilities


There is only so much time in the workday, and for those IT administrators who wear multiple hats, the workdays often include nights and weekends.  Just by moving to Office 365 those regular administration tasks don’t disappear, and in some ways they actually increase.  So, we have centered our focus on making those IT admin tasks related to User Provisioning, Account Management, License Management, Security Compliance, and others, faster and more efficient.  That truly is the centerpiece of our value proposition for the CoreView solution, especially with our new workflow features.

By automating admin tasks through workflow, which include updates to the on-premises Active Directory environment, IT administrators will save hours of manual effort each week. The CoreView admin interface provides customizable IT admin process steps that will be run automatically from the CoreView workflow engine. Different steps can be chained together so they are performed in the appropriate sequence.  All management actions can be used in a workflow, including custom PowerShell scripts, opening the door to unlimited automation scenarios.

Some IT operation processes, such as user provisioning and deprovisioning, are complex tasks and prone to human error. Incorrect user provisioning can have a direct impact on user productivity, while mismanaged deprovisioning can open the doors to potential data breaches. The automation of IT processes will help organizations drive consistency and improve performance and quality, as well as reduce IT operational costs by delegating some complex admin tasks to remote IT admins or the helpdesk.

Automate Administration Tasks

The best way to streamline Office 365 administration processes, improve efficiencies, and optimize IT resource costs, is to automate all administrative tasks that can possibly be automated.  The problem with Office 365 administration for enterprise organizations is that it requires an IT expert, with full rights on the admin center portal, to perform many low-value tasks.  And many of those tasks need to be performed one user at a time.  A perfect example of this is user provisioning and deprovisioning.  These daily tasks equate to hundreds of hours of repetitive and expensive IT admin work each year.  CoreView is focused on changing that requirement forever.

Automate User Provisioning Steps

Leveraging the new workflow capabilities inside CoreView, a customer can configure the automated processing for the complete user provisioning cycle.  The following tasks could be combined in a pre-set, serial workflow process with full auditing implemented by default:

  1. Import New User List – into CoreView processing queue using CSV file
  2. On-Premises Account Creation – in the on-premises Active Directory using the CoreView Hybrid management functionality
  3. Azure AD Account Creation – setup synchronized account in the cloud
  4. O365 License Assignments – based on department and job role profile
  5. Addition to Office 365 Groups
  6. Policies Assignment for Various Services
  7. E-Mail Sent to Manager with Temporary Password
  8. Preconfigured Welcome Message sent to New User – containing links to onboarding materials and training portal
  9. New User Account Included in Virtual-Tenant for Associated Business Unit

In recent discussions with our current customers, many have stated that the new workflow automation capabilities within CoreView could reduce the weekly tasks for user provisioning and deprovisioning from 10 to 20 hours down to 10 minutesThis would save an organization approximately 1,000 hours a year in manual IT admin activities, while also improving quality of service and reducing human errors. 

The following screen shots represent some of the different wizard-based forms that are available to enable the background workflow processing. 

Example: Workflow Configuration (9 available task categories, including Custom Actions)

Example: Configured Manual Workflow (field validation for processing)

Example: Workflow Processing Event (create new user in Office 365 Cloud)

Some Final Thoughts on Admin Efficiencies

CoreView’s business value sweet-spot is our ability to empower IT administrators with time saving tools that drive efficiencies and reduce the amount of manual effort needed to perform their day-to-day management tasks for Office 365.  By automating the activities of these IT experts and empowering them to securely delegate specific admin tasks to regional support teams, and helpdesk engineers, their time commitments can be greatly reduced.  This time savings equates to hard dollar savings in overhead costs for IT departments.

CoreView is an all-in-one management solution, designed to enable large companies to organize their IT support work force in the most efficient way, and reduce the overall costs of administrationToday, CoreView is the only unified management solution for Office 365 that can help organizations perform automated end-to-end process workflow for admin tasks, including account provisioning and deprovisioning. And a bonus for multi-national organizations, the CoreView interface is easily configurable in multiple languages to accommodate different admin teams from around the world.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how you can leverage its powerful workflow automation and hybrid management features for your organization, please sign-up for a free trial.

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