April 12, 2022
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In the world of information technology, automation simply means replacing manual processes with automatic, software-driven workflows – or swapping a person’s efforts with those of a machine. But don’t worry, not in a spooky, “the robots are taking over” way. No, automation is simply a way to drive efficiency, minimize human error, and ultimately optimize business operations. And here at CoreView, we’re big fans.  

Our platform is uniquely positioned to allow for automation across workflows in Microsoft 365, all tailored and customized to your organization’s needs. After all, no one knows the ins and outs of your business better than you do, right? We’re here to help you craft and implement your own methodologies for automation, cleaning up and clearing up everything from onboarding new employees to reducing Microsoft Teams sprawl.

Basically, if there’s a process that’s painful or time-consuming, we’re here to help you automate it – no matter what. With that in mind, here’s a look at 4 tips, tricks, and hacks for boosting Microsoft automation.  

Make Office 365 Onboarding (and Offboarding) a Breeze

Office 365 offboarding / onboarding means different things to different companies. Regardless of how your company defines it, though, CoreView can help you automate the processes associated with onboarding a new employee or offboarding an old one, saving you time and reducing security concerns.

Think, for instance, about how risky it’d be for a disgruntled former employee to maintain access to your organization’s systems. (Yikes.) Our workflow engine looks at all permissions and accounts to which a user has access, and – with the click of a button – automatically disables their privileges, logging them out of all active sessions and removing their licenses in one fell swoop.

On the flip side, if and when a new team member joins your group, our engine can ensure they’re quickly granted access to M365 – setting up their license (even pulling from a license pool), adding them to the appropriate Teams and channels, and more.

Use Alerts and Notifications to Beef Up Security

Another way automation can enhance security? By sending security monitoring and incident response alerts to the appropriate teams and leaders when something looks awry in your organization’s M365.

Let’s say an employee signs in from an unexpected location (e.g., someone who’s based in the London office signs into their M365 account from Tel Aviv). Using automation, you can establish a workflow that automatically alerts their line manager, the IT team, whoever to this unexpected sign-in – ensuring you’re able to check and verify that the employee is, indeed, in Tel Aviv and it’s not a bad actor.

Reduce Microsoft Teams Sprawl

Automation can also help you reduce Microsoft Teams sprawl, the bane of so many IT teams’ existence (particularly in recent years, as Teams has taken off).

If you’ve found that your organization is overrun with unnecessary channels and chat groups, for example, you can use automation to craft workflows that instinctively check and archive any Teams that haven’t been used in 90+ days – keeping things under control.

Implement New Mandates and Best Practices

Again, Microsoft automation can be used to help eliminate (or at least limit) any and every painful, painstaking process – including adherence to new government or company guidelines. New government mandates, legal provisions, corporate policies, or just standard best practices – we can make sure that any account or user with “attribute X” is built to comply with “protocol Y.”

How so? Consider the European Union’s recently adopted legislation around “the right to disconnect.” CoreView can ensure your company’s operating compliantly with this legislation by automatically deactivating users’ accounts or M365 sessions at a certain time of day, then logging them back in at an appropriate hour the next morning. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Just remember: When it comes to automation, dynamism, and creativity are key, and CoreView’s here to empower you to think outside the box. Odds are, if you can dream it, we can automate it – saving you time, money, and energy.

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