Roy Martinez

Roy Martinez

Technology Evangelist
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TechSmith Certification (2022)


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With more than 16 years of experience, Roy is an established expert in Microsoft and IT infrastructure. His experience designing, deploying, protecting and securing IT infrastructure spans several key verticals. From military and government to legal,  healthcare, and banking, Roy brings a deep understanding of Microsoft governance and extensive experience in driving effective Microsoft 365 adoption and management strategies.  

As a Technology Evangelist at CoreView (and a former Solutions Architect), his passions include SQL Server and creating efficient databases, Power Automate and Workflows, using SharePoint to streamline business processes, and advocating for collaboration and Modern Work. Most notably, his experience with Microsoft Teams (and governing it) has resulted in organizations worldwide improving how they collaborate and work efficiency.  

Away from the professional realms, Roy is an avid music lover and is proficient in Japanese and Spanish.

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