September 26, 2022
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The professional landscape has shifted dramatically over the past two years. Remote work has become the new normal, which has forced organizations to rethink their approach to providing access to company resources to their employees. In addition to this shift from on-site work to remote work, there has also been an enormous increase in the rate at which employees have been quitting their jobs in search of something better.

This shift was initially a product of Covid-19 directly, as shown by the fact that most resignations were in industries in which employees interact with the public directly – such as the education and hospitality industries. However, the tech industry – interestingly enough – had the third highest quit rate through the great resignation. The vast majority of those in the tech industry who quit were seeking increased job satisfaction, career advancement, and compensation.

The Great Resignation’s Impact on IT

This wave of resignations across the tech industry resulted in a reduced overall workforce, but organizations still must ensure that business operations continue to work effectively.

In the IT sector, this means that smaller teams simply have to accomplish more than they used to. For example, onboarding and offboarding procedures are still essential elements of any IT department’s workload, but there are simply fewer administrators to carry the load.

How CoreView Can Help

CoreView helps IT team efficiency in several ways – all of which are even more important in the light of the great resignation, as it has left IT teams short-staffed and overworked.

CoreView helps simplify administrative processes, allows junior IT admins to work more independently, and allows IT departments to automate repetitive processes.

Reduced Admin Complexity

Specifically, CoreView helps teams realize efficiency increases by dramatically reducing the complexity of administrative tasks in M365. Microsoft’s native M365 admin tooling is inherently complex, as it is spread across all the various interfaces and applications included in an M365 deployment.

This means that it is not only time consuming for admins to navigate through all of these included interfaces, but it also requires a significant degree of industry-specific expertise.

Conversely, CoreView provides all of this same functionality through a “single pane of glass” – that is, all of the controls required to carry out admin functions in M365 are available in a single, unified, and intuitive web-hosted user interface. This dramatically reduces the complexity of regular administrative tasks, and thus makes it easier for all members of your IT team to carry them out effectively.

Increased Admin Autonomy

CoreView also makes it much easier for lower-tier admins to work independently on their assigned tasks, rather than needing to elevate issues to their supervisors, as they can be granted the required permissions to do so without the need to grant them global administrative privileges.

CoreView refers to this system of granting granular permissions to the admins that need “perfect permissions.”

These are made possible by CoreView’s system of Virtual Tenants, which allows your senior IT staff to identify the specific permissions required to carry out a given task.

And to grant those and only those permissions to lower-tier admins, so they can work effectively without the need to constantly request additional permissions or to hand tasks off to those who already have the required permissions.

Automated Processes

Finally, CoreView also leverages powerful automation tooling that can be set up and made to run independently at regular intervals.

For example, procedures surrounding onboarding, offboarding and all manner of reporting can be automated so that your IT team won’t get bogged down managing these things manually day in and day out.

This dramatically reduces the workload of a given IT team, while also ensuring that business operations are kept up-to-date and on track, which is particularly beneficial when IT teams are short-staffed, as so many are these days.

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