Manage Centralized or De-Centralized IT Models with CoreView Virtual Tenant Technology

Purchasing Microsoft 365 licenses through a single, centralized tenant can result in greater efficiency and cost savings. However, it comes with challenges in administration, meaning Central IT must handle support requests and licensing issues across a variety of departments or agencies. As a result, IT requests get backlogged, and users are frustrated by the response time.

CoreView Virtual Tenants allow you to segment and isolate campus, school, department and/or other groups within a single Microsoft 365 tenant, so you can:

  • Allow department-specific IT staff to manage their own division with autonomy while still giving Central IT oversight on billing and chargebacks as well as security and compliance.
  • Limit access to necessary information only. For example, should the IT person at the athletic department be able to read the Dean’s emails?
  • • Easily adjust to specific school’s needs while maintaining the benefits of a single, global tenant.

CoreView also allows schools and departments to easily set up chargeback systems so that each entity can pay for what it’s using, therefore increasing attention to utilization. Finally, our Teams Advanced add on helps customers control costs associated with VoIP subscriptions associated with Teams Voice.

Streamline and Automate IT Tasks

CoreView’s single administration interface for all of Microsoft 365 helps you streamline IT tasks so you can get more done. Still have some components on-premises? Our Hybrid Connector lets you unify Microsoft administration, rather than managing M365 and on-prem separately. Workflow automations can speed up tasks like employee onboarding/offboarding, compliance checks, periodic reporting, and more. Workflow tasks complete faster and avoid human errors that can introduce security gaps. CoreView saves our clients thousands of IT hours each year.

Secure Your M365 Environment

Microsoft is very secure, but only if secured properly. And security concerns are only getting worse with crypto-based ransomware attacks on the rise. Many attacks target Microsoft in one way or another because it’s so ubiquitous. CoreView can quickly detect and remediate security gaps such as:

  • Users without MFA enabled
  • Email addresses forwarding to external addresses
  • Shared mailboxes with too many owners

If an attack, or even a simple mistake, does occur, CoreView can help IT admins track down exactly what happened, when, and who was affected. This allows Colleges and Universities to respond quick and confidently in the event of a problem.

What makes CoreSuite different?

  1. We Offer Unparalleled Microsoft 365 Visibility: See all your Microsoft 365 services for your entire tenant through a single console.
  2. We Manage Microsoft 365 Like No Other: Manage Microsoft 365 with permissions and views aligned to your needs. 
  3. We Help You Automate Repetitive IT Tasks: Workflow automation dramatically boosts IT efficiency, reducing mistakes.

How CoreView Helps Higher Education

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