Decentralize IT Administration and Reduce Administrative Headaches With Virtual Tenants and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

How much time would you save if you could delegate administration and decentralize administration of your Microsoft 365 tenant with specific, granular access controls and visibility so each admin only sees what they need to see?

CoreView's Virtual Tenants approach allows you to create dynamic segments and assign very specific admin capabilities layer by layer - so you can offload headaches without compromising security or losing control.
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Delegated Administration – The CoreView Way

Failing to implement a strong “Least Privilege Principle” is not only against CISA recommendation, but can lead to compliance problems with ISO, SOC, GDPR, and other industry security standards, where access should be limited as much as possible. Microsoft is not the end game here — CoreView enhances the limits and improves security.

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Microsoft’s native M365 Admin Center does offer some form of delegated administration and RBAC, but the roles are overly rigid, and all roles come with global credentials. If the roles provided by Microsoft aren't a good fit for your IT organizational model, CoreView can enable you to create custom roles to assign to each operator only the rights they need for their function, without being limited to pre-defined roles.
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CoreView was architected and designed from the ground up to enable more distributed organizations with the flexibility to delegate and distribute administration tasks, assign license pools, and provide total visibility into all aspects of Microsoft 365. This delegated administration is available to in-house IT, as well as partners and solution providers such as Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
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With CoreView, you can segment your users pretty much any way you like—by location, business unit, department, and more. Once you have those user groups configured, you can grant a specific set of admin permissions to administrators who will ONLY be able to view and manage that specific subset of users. It’s that easy.
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