Licensing & Delegation

Use Role Based Access (RBAC) to Win Back Time

Delegating Office 365 admin responsibilities means less micromanaging at the top and more uptime in the field.

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RBAC is estimated to save a 10,000 person company about $24k in IT labor, and nearly $300k in reduced employee downtime annually.

2010 Economic Analysis of Role-based Access Control

How We Support Delegation Efforts

RBAC Admin Rights

Assign Access By Role So You Have Fewer Global Admins and Better Security

CoreAdmin allows global IT administrators to delegate control over all aspects of the management interface, including reports, custom Powershell scripts and everyday admin functions.

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License Pools

By Partitioning Your Tenant, You Can Limit Access to Specific Geographies

CoreView enables virtual tenants and license pools. These groups can be automatically governed by filtering via Azure AD attributes such as department, city, cost center, etc.

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Multi-tenant Portal

CoreView Can Manage Multiple Tenants All Within the Same Portal Instance

By giving all your tenants one place to do their work, you ensure that, no matter a person’s access level or subpool, they are never confused about where to access reports and perform management tasks.

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Compliance Control

CoreView Has Solutions for Monitoring Sign-ins and Keeping Data Secure

When roles are delegated, it’s important to still maintain a high standard for compliance. We do this by recording who is doing what, when, where and why. With CoreSecurity’s audit log you improve your IT operation’s security level.

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How We're Different From Competitors

CoreView products are designed with the multi-office, Microsoft-savvy enterprise user in mind. 

We're Azure Specialists

Since CoreAdmin runs in Azure, you only enter your credentials once and sensitive data is kept more secure — no matter where you are when you log in.

We Simplify Chargebacks

Net costs for individual license SKUs can be inserted into CoreView to report on costs by specific attributes such as business unit, department, city, etc.

Delegation Is Fully Integrated

We support delegation in our adoption, admin and security solutions, so you can make delegated workflows consistent across your company.

See What Our Customers Say

The Wonderful Company

CoreView enables us to create reports on information we were never able to see before. We can now monitor how licenses are distributed…and easily identify inactive or disabled accounts.”


Information Systems Manager

The Wonderful Company

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“Our organization is completely distributed around the globe. We had to have a solution like CoreView to partition our tenant so we could delegate admin rights to remote IT groups in 60 different countries.”


Global IT Services Manager


Joshua Fritsch VP of Information Technology AccuWeather

For the money spent to the value received, the CoreView product has provided us the biggest ROI for any of our IT management tools by far.”


Vice President of Technology


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Other Business Needs We Address

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Administration & Reporting

Easily report on a variety of user cross-sections to improve insights and the bottom line.

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Budgeting & Chargebacks

Get usage reports by sub-tenant or department for easy billing and cost transparency.

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Security & Compliance

Monitor data sharing, suspicious login attempts and more with custom alerts.

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New Product Adoption

Track usage activity and create customized SaaS product adoption campaigns.