Unfortunately, admins are often so swamped managing Microsoft 365 (cough cough, 17 different admin centers!).  But what if you could free up 118 days a year – or 30 – 40% of your time – to invest in more strategic initiatives?

It’s simple math – get more done with automation and delegation that reduces IT headaches while improving security.

Manage It All In One Place

Bring it all together in a centralized dashboard so you can see everything and manage whatever you need to - in just a few clicks. No more swapping from admin center to admin Center.

Grant Perfect Permissions

Save 38% of IT time by granting exactly the right permissions - so you can delegate admin tasks and reduce IT requests.

Automate Management Processes

Save up to 1,000 hours a year by automating everyday, repetitive tasks - reducing human error and improving quality.

Optimize Licenses and Reduce Waste

Easily identify and reallocate unused, underused, or incorrect licenses so you can ensure every employee has exactly what they need.

Schedule & Automate Reporting

Save up to 48 hours per month with pre-built reports across Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, and more.

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