Bring the Power of Automation to Device Management

Get more done by leveraging tenant segmentation, delegation, and automation capabilities for Microsoft Intune

Intune devices dashboard
Not compliant intune devices dashboard

Manage, Automate, and Report on Intune

You can add Intune data to CoreView reports to provide up-to-date insight into devices, compliance, issues, and usage, such as:
  • Total devices under management (by type, status, OS, location, or department)
  • Devices out of compliance
  • Policy assignment
And as with everything in CoreView, your IT team can automate actions directly from automated reports. Moreover, actions can run in bulk, dramatically reducing your IT team’s workload when compared to using Microsoft’s native tooling.

Delegate Intune Endpoint Management

CoreView’s Virtual Tenant-based “perfect permissions” allow you to delegate Intune Endpoint management and reporting using granular RBAC rights, so your full IT team can manage their own tasks independently without over-granting global admin permissions. 

Virtual Tenants can now include devices enrolled into Intune and CoreView can also delegate privileges for 13 Endpoint Manager Actions available, such as resetting passwords, wiping devices, locking devices, and running Windows defender scans.
Perfect permissions increase speed and reduce riskIntune CoreView workflow

Intune Actions Available in CoreView Workflows

Admins can also create onboarding and enrollment workflows for new employees or BYOD devices; run compliance checks and notify managers automatically when devices are out of compliance; and automate upgrade notifications and enforcement by device, region, or OS.

For example, employee devices can be wiped, reset, or locked automatically during the offboarding process. 

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