CoreView’s Virtual Tenant Technology saves Mateco €70,000 in licensing expenses and streamlines operational efficiencies

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2024 – CoreView, the global leader in M365 security, governance, and administration, announced its partnership with Mateco, the IT services and consulting company based in Belgium, to assist with the global expansion of its M365 delegations. Together with CoreView, Mateco was able to prevent data breaches and achieve enhanced visibility into license management usage, saving €70,000 in licensing expenses.

Mateco + CoreView Case Study:

CoreView delegates M365 access and uplevels security automation

Mateco is the professional aerial work platform rental company and market leader in Europe. Five years ago, the company set out on a global expansion as it sought to accelerate its growth and implement Dynamics 365 at each site, bringing all employees onto a single Microsoft 365 platform and creating customizable subtenants that could be administered to align with local regulations.

Mateco’s various IT teams around the world assigned to manage this expansion lacked the requisite training to undertake such assignments and Microsoft’s native capabilities were insufficient. Mateco needed to be able to onboard globally without providing local IT teams with excessive privileges.

CoreView assisted Mateco with the launch of a new worldwide IT operations center offering tenant segmentation by country and granular role-based access. Tenants could now be securely managed by shared IT services and local administrators without unnecessary risks.

CoreView’s Virtual Tenant technology provided a solution for these M365 problems and more. CoreView helped save time and money with its no-code automation, license management and security automation. Additionally, CoreView provided unmatched insight into license usage, saving Mateco €70,000 in licensing expenses and making it more secure in the process.

“Working with CoreView has allowed us to grow smartly and safely, saving precious time and resources while equipping our teams with the necessary tools to effectively do their jobs,” said Imre Tholen, IT Collaboration Expert at Mateco. “CoreView was the bedrock of our global expansion.”

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