CoreView saves three days helping Marcegaglia’s IT team migrate new users and manage mailboxes

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27, 2024 – CoreView, the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform, announced its partnership with Marcegaglia, the leading Italian steel processing company, to simplify the integration of over 500 users following a major M&A. Marcegaglia and CoreView successfully migrated the users, saving three days and enabling Marcegaglia’s IT team to work more efficiently, eliminating delays and routing issues.

CoreView Playbooks and Workflows provide seamless governance and tenant management

Marcegaglia is an Italian corporation founded in 1959 by Steno Marcegaglia. It operates in the US, European and worldwide steel markets. Corporate mergers and acquisitions challenge large organizations as they must manage business continuity, processes, and tools. While M&As present strategic opportunities, they also require attention to avoid disrupting day-to-day activities, productivity, and the performance of administration and management operations.

This has to go right to optimize communication and collaboration and foster a cohesive and productive work culture.

In a recent acquisition, Marcegaglia was faced with integrating employees into the company’s technology. It was important to minimize confusion and mitigate the loss of correspondence with employees and outside contacts. Seamless integration, ensuring effective user management. Careful migration and consolidation of user accounts were required to seamlessly transition all employees to Marcegaglia systems.

With CoreView, Marcegaglia could migrate and consolidate user accounts to transition all employees to the Marcegaglia IT systems. CoreView implemented policies to identify newly created but temporarily unused accounts and hid them from the internal address book while configuring an out-of-office message to inform colleagues that the mailbox wasn’t yet active. CoreView also added workflows to remove the messages when the mailbox was reactivated.

"CoreView has allowed us to improve Microsoft 365 tenant management. In particular, it has given us a more comprehensive overview and made governance more effective,” said Renzo Rossi, CTO, Marcegaglia. “In this way, it was possible to identify areas for optimization and automate several tasks that would otherwise have been time-consuming."

Marcegaglia + CoreView Case Study: Marcegaglia streamlines migration of users after M&A with the help of CoreView

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