CoreView Release 22.05 Now Available: Hybrid & SharePoint Updates

Whew – welcome to the summer! Our Product Team is still working to enhance our hybrid management capabilities; this month we were also working to improve SharePoint reporting and a few other items.  

Here are the highlights of this month’s release:

Wrapping Up Our Hybrid Management Upgrades

We’re delivering on our goal to simplify how you manage your users wherever they are – whether cloud or on-premises.  This month, join us as we cover the full Hybrid solution – enabling our customers to manage all of their environments together – on our upcoming webinar.

Enhancing SharePoint Reporting

We know many of you are increasingly relying on Sensitivity labels for decision-making, and need to see both Sensitivity labels and Hub site associations within your SharePoint reports.  SharePoint Site Usage, SharePoint Site Activity, and SharePoint Owners reports all now include this information.

Other Enhancements

We’re continually making a host of updates to better serve our customers, including:

  • Continuing to deliver Teams enhancements by enabling users to designate a Teams channel to be private upon Teams creation.
  • Allowing customers to setup and configure CoreView without needing a global admin role, reducing risk and following Microsoft best practices regarding limiting global admin access.
  • Adding the ability to upload a logo to add to Workflow emails, allowing for customization.

Our team is already busy testing the next round of improvements; check back next month for more exciting updates!