3 Ways to Get Your M365 Hybrid Environment Under Control

Are you tired of the headaches that come from managing a hybrid environment?

Managing your environment both on-prem and in the cloud can complicate even simple tasks, like onboarding or offboarding users. What if there was a single solution to help you manage both?

Join our Solution Architect (and M365 expert) Shawn McNamara to learn how your peers are using CoreView to:

  • Automate user management across the cloud and on-prem
  • Eliminate the need to log into multiple admin centers to manage users
  • Dramatically reduce the burden of hybrid Microsoft 365 management

We’ll also cover how to simplify:

  1. Instant user provisioning – What if you could automatically create and modify both on-prem and cloud users, mailboxes, membership, and permissions with just a click?
  2. Deprovisioning users – See how you can easily convert a user’s mailbox to a shared mailbox, apply out-of-office messages to a group, and remove user’s cloud AND on-prem licenses with a single workflow.
  3. Unlocking locked accounts – For security purposes, you may have enabled MFA and/or Conditional Access. But, what if the CEO is locked out of their account right before a big meeting? Learn how you can unlock accounts both quickly and securely.

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