Partner Enablement: The Power of CoreFlow: Boost Efficiency with Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation

The most common business processes like onboarding and offboarding employees involve multiple steps that are tedious, time consuming and prone to error.  To make matters more difficult, the not-so-common processes can only be performed by a subset of individuals that have extensive knowledge in PowerShell.  While these users are highly skilled, they can become a bottleneck as more requests flow in.  With CoreFlow, all these processes can easily be built and automated.  Moreover, those complex PowerShell scripts can be converted into a user-friendly and easy-to-run process that can be delegated to technicians and operators at any level. 

Join LaRue Brown, Solutions Architect, Sales, Gail Ferreira, Product Marketing Manager and Stephanie Checchi, Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing at CoreView for a compelling discussion and demo where you will learn how to create and schedule workflows that include multiple conditional management actions, custom scrips, and manual approvals. 

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