Baker Tilly Canada Centralizes Their 19 Firms

Baker Tilly Canada Centralizes Their 19 Firms
  • Region: Canada
  • 19 Virtual Tenants
  • 19 O365 License Pools
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Baker Tilly Canada, a consulting group with more than 19 accounting firms and over 1,500+ employees was looking for a solution that could increase Microsoft collaboration without sacrificing security.

They needed a partner who could provide top notch training to help boost adoption of features like Microsoft Teams. All while still empowering the group’s individual accounting firms to take control of their own license pools and renewals.

Enter CoreView.

The Challenge

Baker Tilly Canada was struggling to toe the line between a well utilized Microsoft tenant  and IT independence for its individual firms.

The Solution

CoreView not only helped educate Baker Tilly’s employees on how to utilize tools like Microsoft Teams (which ultimately increased collaboration and communication across the entire organization), it also ensured that the group’s 19 accounting firms were able to maintain control and independence.

  • Microsoft Teams, Now It’s Under Control – By leaning into CoreView’s Microsoft Teams training helped the group’s leaders see the benefits of open collaboration and communication, allowing them to become a more connected organization.
  • Perfect Permissions for More Security – CoreView also helped Baker Tilly create 19 Virtual Tenants, one for each of the group’s accounting firms. Each virtual tenant (e.g., each unique firm) was then able to manage their own license pools and monitor security risks, encouraging independence and autonomy without loosening safety measures.
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