Do you know how many public teams you have?

Do you know how many public teams you have?
  • Region: United States
  • 100,000 Employees
  • Microsoft Teams Sprawl
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Do You Know How Many Public Teams You Have?

Picture this ... you’re one of the largest states in the U.S. – in both square miles and population, with 500 political districts, 125 agencies, and 34 departments.

And one day you realize – there are over 40,000 public Teams in your Microsoft Teams environment. And no one is quite sure what content has been shared, or where it’s ended up.  Or even who owns each of these Teams.

First step – using CoreView, you’re able to turn all these Teams private immediately, stopping the bleeding while you figure out the impact.

Then, instead of your IT team spending months sorting it all out – you delegate, again using CoreView. You grant all Teams owners the ability to admin their Teams themselves – then give them a deadline, and monitor to ensure everything is getting corrected on schedule.

And figuring out what content might have gotten leaked, and to whom? Again you turn to CoreView – where you can run the audit logs immediately, and (thank goodness!!!) quickly realize nothing too sensitive was inappropriately accessed.  

Finally, to stop it from happening again, you implement a new process, so anyone who wants to create a new Team submits a form, and then an automated workflow sends it to their manage and the IT team for approval. So there will NEVER be 40,000 accidentally public Teams again.

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