Large government enhances admin efficiency and security using CoreView playbooks

Large government enhances admin efficiency and security using CoreView playbooks
  • Region: Canada
  • 300,000 Accounts
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A large government institution – made up of dozens of regions, departments, hospitals, care facilities, and more – utilized Microsoft 365 as its main administrative platform. An enormous tenant (including more than 300,000 accounts!), the province struggled with tasks like adding and removing users and found it impossible to utilize standard administrative roles – it lacked both the granularity of control and the automation scripts needed to fulfill these tasks with efficacy and ease.

It needed a partner to boost automation, reduce security risks, and ultimately manage the chaos of Microsoft 365 for its many entities.

Enter CoreView.

The Challenge

The institution’s Microsoft 365 tenant was both too large and too chaotic to work effectively. Not only did the team need to divvy up and delegate administrative rights, but they also needed to amp up security and automation to ensure all regions, departments, and organizations within the province were operating at full capacity.

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The Solution

CoreView amped up security, made delegating a breeze, and increased efficiency by creating multiple virtual tenants and introducing automated workflows.

Virtual Tenants Made It Possible to Divide and Conquer – Using CoreView, the province was able to break their organization down into 51 virtual tenants, separating visibility by entity to reduce security concerns and elevate administrative delegation.  

Least Privilege Access Boosts Security and Control In addition to creating 51 virtual tenants based on organizational entity, CoreView was able to help the province achieve the least privilege access model across each tenant and entity by applying role-based access control (or RBAC) to the organization at large, meaning each user was only given the access and permissions needed to do their job effectively.

5x Productivity Increase with Automated Workflows By establishing automated workflows that completed thousands of tasks each day, CoreView helped the province boost productivity more than five times over, executing as many as 28,000 management actions in a month’s time.

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