Dialysis provider gets data analysis under control

Dialysis provider gets data analysis under control
  • Region: Germany & Global
  • 60,000 Employees
  • Democratizing PowerShell
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Picture this ... you’re a leading provider of kidney care products and services. You operate nearly 4,000 outpatient dialysis clinics in the U.S., and handle everything from manufacturing to lab work in-house.

But there’s no easy way to get the data you need from Microsoft 365. You can’t create any report without spending days writing a PowerShell script first. And it doesn’t help that only two of your engineers are PowerShell-proficient, or that they’re already drowning in requests. Sure, you could hire more Microsoft 365-specific engineers – but they’re expensive and hard to come by.

So, you turn to CoreView. Even team members with minimal technical expertise can quickly pull in-depth reports using CoreView – no PowerShell required. And thanks to our granular permissions, you’re able to grant other teams narrow access to Microsoft 365 so they can take on license management responsibilities. All this helps lighten the burden on your Microsoft 365 team.

Now, anyone on your team can easily surface meaningful operational data. Engineers can hand off time-consuming tasks to focus on high-priority ones. And all of this happens without sacrificing security. Now everything is under control.

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