Oney selects CoreView to eliminate 80 hours of manual Microsoft 365 processes a week

Oney selects CoreView to eliminate 80 hours of manual Microsoft 365 processes a week
  • Operating in 11 countries
  • 3,500 employees
  • Over 12,000 Microsoft 365 objects
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Oney gets 130% return on investment within the first year of implementing CoreView 

Founded in 1983, Oney is a prominent banking and retail group that expanded internationally in 2000, establishing partnerships, introducing new products, and operating in 11 countries. As part of a standard corporate IT delivery strategy, all divisions, including 3,500 employees, leverage Microsoft 365 for day-to-day business operations. During the pandemic, Oney quickly implemented teleworking for 95% of their workforce, resulting in a significant increase in Microsoft 365 tool usage. This surge increased IT administrative tasks, requiring more resources to keep things running smoothly.

The challenge 

The IT department at Oney struggled to effectively manage their vast community of 3,500 Microsoft 365 users and over 12,000 Microsoft 365 objects. Maintaining a secure and standardized configuration, while optimizing licenses, posed challenges for Oney due to their organizational complexity. This included a centralized IT governance structure, local IT teams overseeing country-specific sites and a large user base. Oney needed a solution that would enable them to efficiently manage their administrative responsibilities while granting them the appropriate level of autonomy. 

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By using CoreView to manage our day-to-day administration, we made the task of our IT team easier while at the same time reducing the risk of human error in misconfiguration. Knowing the uses of the licenses and the level of adoption of the various services of Microsoft 365, we will be able to better manage the associated cost with a population of users spread over several companies.” 

– Doan Tin Le, Chief Information Officer at Oney

The solution 

With the implementation of CoreView, Oney’s IT organization attains the power of Delegated Administration, allowing them to delegate authority and management responsibilities. This implementation ensures the automated monitoring of activity and user configurations, enabling them to uphold a highly optimized and secure tenant. Additionally, they can reap the benefits of automated reporting for enhanced efficiency. 

CoreView also helps the IT team manage licenses, reclaiming inactive and unused ones in a timely manner and enabling streamlined cost allocation. 

By leveraging CoreView, Oney’s IT organization effectively and securely manages their Microsoft 365 environment, reducing central IT administration and enhancing productivity.

  • Delegate administration with Virtual Tenants™
    Oney Group efficiently manages multiple subsidiaries with CoreSuite’s Virtual Tenants, enabling segmentation based on criteria like department, location, group membership, and business unit. Users within each Virtual Tenant have restricted access, empowering local administrators and improving security, operations, and efficiency.
  • Perfect Permissions™
    With CoreView, Oney transitioned 75 operators from Microsoft 365 privileged accounts to CoreView operator accounts. This switch gave them more tailored access while minimizing the associated risks for the entire Oney Group.
  • Visibility across Microsoft 365 environments
    Oney can now generate monthly reports on application and license usage, as well as potential security gaps, helping simplify policy governance and improve controls around Microsoft 365 spend.

The results 

CoreView’s comprehensive Microsoft 365 management capabilities lets Oney IT teams achieve their organizational goal of streamlining day-to-day administration. Since implementing CoreView, the team calculated a conservative 130% return on investment (ROI). Oney’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) estimates that by leveraging CoreView’s support and distributing workloads across entities, the company has saved eighty hours a week, the equivalent of two full-time positions in manual processes

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