Protect and Manage Microsoft 365 By Virtualizing Your Tenant

Instead of a single, monolithic M365 environment, virtualize your tenant like you would an on-premises Microsoft environment with Organizational Units (OU). Create separate tenants based on geography, business unit, or even your company’s on-prem OU structure — stopping IT insider threats while boosting admin responsiveness.

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“All accounts — but especially powerful ones, like those for administrators — are rich targets for attack and require additional protection through higher trust authentication, typically involving multiple factors.”

Gartner Report: 5 Steps for Securing Office 365


Define Virtual Tenants To Safeguard Areas Of Your Enterprise

Divide single M365 tenant into independent tenants based on subsidiaries, business units, group or geographic location. IT can take the entire organization served by Microsoft 365 and break it into logical groups, or sub-tenants, often based on Active Directory attributes. Once the organization is logically divided, regional admins can be assigned to the sub or Virtual Tenants.

Managing A Tenant With Thousands Of Users Difficult And Even Dangerous

Creating help and service desks for a huge mass of users is difficult, and these desks can become overwhelmed and non-responsive. Managing M365 licenses across a distributed massive environment is inefficient and expensive at best.

Admin Privileges Are A Security Hole, And Should Be Isolated And Protected

Security is the biggest issue. If you have a single tenant with 300,000 users, an M365 admin can access data and settings from all 300,000 users. Every single M365 admin has that ability. If a hacker cracks an M365 admin’s credentials, they have that same power. Scary.

Native M365 Admin Center Has A Centralized Management Model Designed For A Single Tenant

With CoreView, you can combine different tenants and segment your users into new groupings, or Virtual Tenants, for more efficient management. Once you have those segments configured, you can grant a subset of actions to administrators who will ONLY be able to monitor and manage that subset of users.

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“When we migrated, we made it a priority to make sure that if any of our libraries wanted their own email domain, they got it. Right now, we have 24 domains in the tenant. Since many of these domains are associated with a library, it was a simple thing to cut a virtual tenant based off that domain, and then assign administrative access for that domain and all the users under it to an IT administrator at the local library level.”
Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director
Jefferson County Library Cooperative