How to Become a Microsoft 365 Wizard In 2023

Since its inception in 2011, Microsoft 365 has gained an outstanding position in the market. It has proven to be an excellent collaboration and productivity platform that allows users to store enterprise-level data and share and collaborate with others, irrespective of geographical location.

Microsoft 365 provides multiple subscription plans, affordable pricing, and several application levels that allow users to communicate and collaborate. However, Microsoft 365 still has some restrictions that impede users from gaining total maximization of their Microsoft 365 suite. Often, these problems stem from the lack of a proper management platform that simplifies the use of Microsoft 365.

Moving into the new year 2023, every business that owns a Microsoft 365 suite should have plans to maximize their IT solutions and use untapped components of the platforms.

And if you don’t already have Microsoft 365 as a part of your IT infrastructure, you should consider including it in the coming year.

Do you have plans to become a Microsoft 365 wizard? Well, here’s what you need to know about the common problems you encounter when using Microsoft 365 and how you can go about mastering the use of Microsoft 365.

The Common Concerns of Microsoft 365

Becoming a Microsoft 365 wizard means that you’re able to effectively navigate the hurdles that the platform presents to you in order to be able to maximize it. Some of the common concerns that users encounter when using Microsoft 365 include the following;

#1 Less autonomy rates

This may seem contrary to the entire idea of using a productivity and collaboration tool like Microsoft 365. However, in the grand scheme of productivity, it’s hard to enable autonomy with local IT teams with Microsoft 365. It’s even harder to gauge adoption rates and find usage.

With Microsoft 365, there are 17 separate native admin panels that teams are logging into on a regular basis to run reports, delegate permissions, enforce compliance and just run day-to-day operations. From SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, to OneDrive, there are several panels that need to be used to exchange many of these admin centers.

#2 Lack of visibility

Security gaps like unmonitored admin users and too many repetitive tasks will lead to little visibility across the whole of Microsoft 365. There are several workloads and functionalities that Microsoft 365 users get to handle, and many users have issues arising from the challenge of silo data in different areas.

#3 Lowered security levels

Monitoring, security, and compliance are aspects of Microsoft 365 that you need to put into perspective.  With different people working in several teams and from different spaces, they log in from multiple IP addresses and geographies within a short timeframe.

There’s, therefore, a need for a tool that can ensure continuous compliance with both internal and external policies, as well as regulations, and prevent security threats by automating resolutions. For instance, about 20 - 30% of CIS administrators have multifactor authentication turned off because they want to try their possible best to manage the security root of the workflow. However, there’s another way to go about it.

#4 A semi-hybrid infrastructure

Most Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, but some parts still require on-prem administration. It is left to your management console (if you have one) to help you manage the platform. Managing hybrid environments gives you a single management pain to complete your administration tasks, whether on the cloud or on.

The secret recipe to mastering Microsoft 365

The simple recipe to mastering Microsoft 365 is using an efficient Microsoft Management Console that can help manage the suite. One tool that’s efficient in this regard is CoreView.

CoreView is a Microsoft-recognized Goal Partner that serves millions of end customers by providing them with a comprehensive M365 management console in the space. Microsoft 365 brings a ton of value to clients, and CoreView makes that process much more manageable.

CoreView can help you master the use of your Microsoft 365 in the following ways;

#1 Encourages autonomy

CoreView collapses all the 17 admin centers we referred to earlier into one easy-to-use interface where you can do everything you need. This tool helps manage Microsoft 365 to a point where you have everything you need to manage your tenant effectively, all in one interface. You can also stop looking for point solutions for reporting, governance, automation, or management.

#2 Solves your visibility problem

CoreView will help you with auto assignment of PSTN numbers to the right people, give the right visibility and oversight to the right teams, and automate actions like archiving unused teams, and channels, and going back up to the top, the delegated administration. CoreView helps to solve the problem of silo data in different spaces. CoreView’s core value proposition is to ease the management of the Microsoft 365 platform.

#3 Automated security monitoring

CoreView provides automated monitoring and response capabilities that aren’t generally available through the native admin centers. CoreView’s Virtual Tenants is a unique component that allows users to create dynamic segments within your centralized Microsoft tenant. You can assign very specific admin privileges layer by layer, so you can offload workloads without compromising security or losing control.

#4 Hybrid infrastructure management

CoreView extends its functionality to Cloud control and the OnPrem directory within the same infrastructure. It has an efficient automation capability that can distinguish the information it receives and determine databases based on the origin of the directory. You gain complete oversight for both Cloud and on-prem, and CoreView users leave about 40% of their workflow to their admin to manage.

In essence, CoreView seeks to make your organization’s Microsoft 365 experience much easier. CoreView helps you become more agile by adding new ways to prevent and investigate security breaches.

Integrate CoreView into your IT infrastructure to cut the chaos and get Microsoft 365 under control. The CoreView Microsoft 365 Management Platform helps you get total value from your Microsoft 365 investment, gain complete oversight of their environment, and move at full speed.

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