Microsoft Ignite - the Stanley Cup, the World Series, the Super Bowl of events. With over 400 hours of content over the course of 3 days, you can't catch it all. (We did the math, 24+24+24=72 you would need to clone yourself 5 times over to watch all of the great content.)  

But not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Join two highly awarded Microsoft MVPs – Cristal and Dave Kawula, as they discuss their top 10 highlights during this post-Microsoft Ignite wrap-up.

Microsoft Ignite 2022 took place last October, and the hybrid event accumulated over 400 hours of content over the course of three days. The “Do more with less with the Microsoft Cloud“ themed event presented over 100 novel solutions within the Microsoft framework that any organization that actively uses it would want to know about. Of course, it’ll take a lot of dedication to catch up on all of it, and that’s why we’re presenting an abridged version of it.

Read on to find out the top 10 Microsoft Ignite takeaways you might have missed.

  1. Updates to Azure

This was one of the major highlights of the event. Azure is an invaluable piece of the puzzle when you're trying to manage a large network. The Azure AD certificate-based authentication (CBA) was introduced, and we’re pointing it out because it now enables customers to allow authentication directly with X.509 certificates in their Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) when using browsers and applications sign-in, even without investing in federated AD FS.

It’s important to point out that it is a free feature for everyone.

  1. Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol

Microsoft’s Ned Pyle had an entire session where he emphasized the SMB feature, and it was a major takeaway. It helps users securely access or file resources without a VPN. Its flagship release is on the desktop operating system that works with Windows. It’s a free feature that we should all take advantage of.

  1. Rebranding of Microsoft Defender for Cloud

This one is highlighted because it is one of Microsoft’s latest outstanding rebranding. Defender for Cloud now offers cross-cloud capabilities that allow for outer box configuration that can also go across the cloud. It upholds Microsoft’s quest for a safe and secure computing environment for everyone.

  1. Microsoft EndPoint Manager Intune

Microsoft is famous for its several product name changes, and this time wasn’t an exception. Workplace Engineers will no longer use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager name; rather, it’ll be known as just Microsoft Intune, while the client on-premises management will be known as Microsoft Configuration Manager.

  1. Azure Chaos Studio

The Azure Chaos Studio allows you to take and simulate real-world outages for your applications into multiple built-in scenarios.

  1. Azure Monitor 2022

Organizations are excited about this one because it helps in monitoring all of the infrastructures that are used. It provides an excellent opportunity to track all information relating to alerts, vital updates, and App Insights.

  1. New updates to Teams

The Teams Premium features were also presented, and they included new AI-driven features such as Live Translations for captions, Meeting Guides, Intelligent Recap, and Advanced Virtual Appointments, amongst others.

  1. Conditional Access Authentication

Conditional Access that supports authentication strengths is now available in public preview. There are three specific authentication methods that can be used – Multi-factor authentication. Passwordless multifactor authentication, and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication.

  1. Workload Identities

Workload Identities are another solution that helps to manage and secure the identities of digital workloads like applications and services. It also relates to the Conditional Access policy as it can detect compromises in the workload identities system. It will be generally available from November 2022.

  1. 365 Changes

Lastly, there will also be a name change, as it will now be referred to as Microsoft 365. The new apps that follow this include New Microsoft 365 App, Microsoft Clipchamp, Microsoft Designer, and Microsoft Loop, amongst others.

Conclusively, there's a resource download button on the Microsoft Ignite website where you can access the session you want and download it in an MP4 format. If you need the best hands to manage your Microsoft 365 platform, consider reaching out to CoreView today!

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