SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 are like cute puppies. You take care of one or two and end up with dozens – all growing up, running amuck, and eating you out of house and home. What a mess!

The same happens with an M365 tenant – more users, more apps, more admins, more problems.

So, what happens if you don’t manage Microsoft 365?

Join our founders, David Mascarella and Ivan Fioravanti, on 14th April at 9:30 am CET, for a morning coffee session. They will show how to:

  • Transform Microsoft 365 management into a near effortless, totally effective exercise to avoid any chaos when it grows.
  • Automate common business processes like user provisioning and deprovisioning.
  • Automatically scan configurations and activities to identify problems and take corrective actions.

How to Transform Microsoft 365 Management into an Effortless Exercise

There’s a major reason why Microsoft 365 is a top-flight SaaS application today. With Microsoft 365, you have a lot of processes, applications, and actions that can be efficiently managed and run within your IT infrastructure.

So, what happens if you don’t manage Microsoft 365? Well, several things happen within an M365 tenant – you have more users, more apps, and more admins. If they aren’t efficiently managed, they can lead to more problems.

What then is the key to maximizing Microsoft 365? Simply put, you need to transform your Microsoft 365 management into a near effortless, totally effective exercise to avoid any chaos when it grows.

Here, we take a look at how you can automate your 365 and optimize your cloud environment to transform your organization’s management effortlessly.

Transformational Routes for Microsoft 365 Management

As mentioned earlier, several problems can arise from having quite many users, apps, and admins to manage. However, with the following options in place, you can efficiently transform your management efforts.

Protection of admin accounts

Microsoft dictates that there’s a need for at least two to four company administration systems that will ensure smooth administration activity, and rely a lot on authorization and strong authentication.

For instance, multifactor authentication strongly protects admin accounts, instead of the regular limiting conditional access.

Adherence to the industry policy standards

In the applied policy section, it’s important that you not only check industry standards and policy but also create your custom internal policy with the dedicated KPI dashboard to manage the system and see what's going on in your tenant.

Delegation of account and admin processes

As much as possible, ensure that you delegate the admin unit and take advantage of the multi-tenant or single tenants available within the system. For multi-tenants, the productivity issue is quite enormous, especially with licensing and workflow automation.

The secret to achieving these transformational processes is to be able to use an efficient Microsoft Management Console that can help in managing the suite in its entirety.

How CoreView Can Help Your Transformation Process

CoreView is a Microsoft-recognized Gold Partner that serves millions of end customers by providing them with a comprehensive M365 management console in the space. Microsoft 365 brings a ton of value to clients, and CoreView makes that process much easier.

The objective of CoreView is to manage and automate the Microsoft 365 system in a way that it aligns with the three main pillars of a proper SaaS environment, - visibility, management configuration, and automation.

The goal of CoreView is to try to simplify the workload of the admin by making day-to-day management and delegation of tasks much easier. The burden on the central IT team to manage mundane activities will be reduced.

CoreView also ensures that you gain optimum automation benefits from your Microsoft 365 platform, by streamlining processes, delegating to the right team members, and reducing human errors and the burden on IT teams.

Conclusively, with CoreView, you can leverage all the services, use information, and match it with the assigned license to maximize your investment through a better license, such as cycle management.

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