On-demand webinar

Battle of the Brains: 2024 predictions for Microsoft 365

2024 is here. The pace of tech innovation is accelerating, and Microsoft is leading the charge. Your Microsoft 365 ecosystem is evolving rapidly, demanding that your organization to stay both agile and secure. How will you keep up?

To help you prepare for the unknown, our Microsoft experts and MVPs are sharing their insights and predictions for the future of Microsoft 365.

Watch this on-demand webinar for:

  • Predictions from MVPs on Copilot governance and adoption
  • In-house Microsoft experts’ insights on Microsoft licensing, Loop, and Teams generative AI
  • A walkthrough of Microsoft’s roadmap for 2024 and how you can prepare for the upcoming changes

So, whether you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, make strategic decisions, or you’re just intrigued by what the future holds, hear from the thought leaders who are shaping the future of IT.


With over a decade of experience with Microsoft cloud solutions, Kas Nowicka is known within the Microsoft MVP community for her expertise around licensing, adoption, Teams, and governance.

Roy Martinez, an established Microsoft and IT expert with over 16 years of experience, leverages his deep understanding of Microsoft governance to help organizations secure and manage IT infrastructure.

Microsoft MVP, MCT and SkillBridge founder, Robert Mulsow specializes in modern collaboration solutions, SharePoint, Office 365 training, Cloud backup and disaster recovery, governance, and Teams adoption.

Marijn Sumers, host of the #Office365Distilled podcast, is a business consultant at Balestra and principal content provider for "Mijn 365 Coach." His work in the Microsoft community focuses on adoption, governance, and migration.

Amanda Sterner is the Technical Architect at Advania Knowledge Factory, working in the modern workplace and teaching the community how Microsoft Teams can simplify day-to-day work.

As the CTO of run.events with over 20 years of IT experience, Mustafa Toroman is a Microsoft Azure MVP, MCT and published author. He focuses on software development, cloud computing, and DevOps.

David Mascarella is CoreView’s co-founder with 20 years in Microsoft and IT. He’s a seasoned strategist and Microsoft integrator championing cloud enablement, innovation, and tackling intricate challenges like data control and vendor lock-in.

Co-founder and CTO for CoreView Ivan Fioravanti uses his system engineer and .NET development skills to lead CoreView’s technology team. He’s passionate about AI, automation and all things Microsoft 365.

With a career spanning roles from architecture to founding and leading Simeon Cloud, Jeff Nevins has a passion for scaling and maintaining data and infrastructure architecture and engineering.

Dan Flanigan, CoreView’s VP of Product, combines his product management knowledge with a background in agile development, identity management, and disaster recovery as a service to drive innovative Microsoft-centric solutions.