On-Demand Webinar

How to Secure Your Agency's Microsoft 365 Environment

Are you working overtime trying to govern and secure your agency’s M365 environment?

With 5000+ tenant configurations and 18+ admin interfaces, getting policy correct in M365 is overwhelming, leaving resource-constrained agencies exposed.

What if you could get unified control of your M365 environment, prevent dangerous misconfigurations, find & fix critical collaboration and identity risks, and minimize privilege exposure with ease?

Join Government Technology and CoreView for an on-demand webinar where our panel of subject matter experts will offer practical solutions to address M365 security, governance, and automation challenges.

You’ll learn:

  • Findings from the latest research on Microsoft 365 users – including the most common security and governance issues
  • How to find and fix your biggest Microsoft 365 risks
  • The best practices for keeping a secure Microsoft 365 environment


  • Bill Rials, Ph.D. — Moderator, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
  • Rob Edmondson, Senior Director, CoreView
  • Sean McSpaden, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government