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A day in the life of managing a hybrid Microsoft 365 environment: it’s like your heart is in the cloud but your head is in the domain controller

Maintaining a hybrid Microsoft 365 model is often the reality for organizations like yours. Either you've invested a lot in your on-prem environment (and cannot fully justify moving to the cloud) or moving to the cloud is taking longer than expected (because Active Directory unique capabilities cannot be fully replaced by Entra ID just yet).

Managing identities, mailboxes and permissions—especially synced ones—is multi-layered and complicated. And, without automation, you’re at risk for security breaches and service bottlenecks.

Join Kas Nowicka, CoreView Product Marketing Manager, and Cloud Essentials Microsoft expert, Dean Gilau, as they go deep into the challenges of hybrid management: from identity management to secure role-based access control to navigating through piles of manual tasks.

In this 30-minute on-demand session, join the conversation for:

  • The realities of a hybrid model: understand the different flavors of hybrid models and which approach fits your organization's needs.
  • Industry trends in hybrid: is on-prem Active Directory fading away? Get insights into the journey towards a cloud-only model for Microsoft 365 and key considerations to successfully navigate this transition. 
  • Unmasking security nightmares: delve into potential risks that come with hybrid environments, ways of prioritizing and mitigating those risks, and how to build stronger security protocols. 
  • Must-have tools for a hybrid environment: learn the essentials for streamlining complex tasks in a hybrid environment, including handling mailboxes in the Exchange on-premises and managing user attributes.
  • The ROI of modern hybrid Microsoft 365 management: learn what your peers are doing to make administration across environments easier.

You’ll also hear real-life examples and case studies from organizations that have simplified the lives of admins who live in a hybrid world.

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