On-demand webinar

A day in the life of a Microsoft 365 admin: it's a labor of love

Being a Microsoft 365 admin can feel like a complicated love affair. While sometimes filled with moments of pure joy, the daily hurdles of actually managing Microsoft 365 can feel like a one-sided relationship.

Welcome to our new series, “A day in the life of…,” curated specifically for the admins, operators and analysts behind the screen.

This series, hosted by CoreView Product Marketing Manager and Microsoft expert Kas Nowicka, will explore the highs and lows, puzzles and solutions, triumphs and tragedies that underscore the life of a Microsoft 365 admin.

Ready for couples’ therapy? Catch the inaugural episode of the series, "A day in the life of a Microsoft 365 admin: It's a labor of love."

In this 25-minute webinar, Kas will delve into a quick overview of every admin type—from SharePoint, Exchange and help desk admins to Teams, Fabric, Global Reader, billing admins and more.

Learn about:

  • Specific constraints and restrictions for each role, including the unique permissions, responsibilities and limitations associated with each Microsoft 365 admin role and how they affect daily operations and efficiency. 
  • Potential risk scenarios and mitigation strategies: real-world scenarios that describe role-related challenges and practical ways to mitigate those risks.
  • Challenges of (and solutions for) admin duty segmentation: the complexities of creating custom roles and the potential for delegated administration. 

Whether you're ready to make up (or break up) with Microsoft 365, watch on demand now for tips on how to navigate M365 role complexities, mitigate risks and rekindle your love.