On-demand webinar

Mission 365: five strategies to guide your Microsoft 365 tenant migration project

Whether your organization acquires another company or undergoes a significant restructuring, a Microsoft 365 tenant migration project is inevitable. But, one small misstep could lead to downtime, data breaches or compliance issues.

How can you avoid business disruptions and ensure your migration project stays on course?

Watch Technology Evangelist Roy Martinez and Solution Architect Siam Rochanavichit walk through considerations for building an airtight migration plan in this on-demand webinar.  

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Define your migration objectives with clear, concise goals that maintain security and foster collaboration.
  1. Assess and prepare your infrastructure to avoid compatibility issues and other potential disruptions throughout the migration process.
  1. Plan your migration rollout with meticulous (but manageable) timelines to help track progress and meet milestones.
  1. Manage user adoption and change management to drive seamless adoption of new systems and tools.
  1. Build an effective admin and support model to ensure smooth operation post-migration.

Throughout the presentation, you’ll hear real-world successes and failures from Microsoft 365 pros who have led migration projects.

Watch it now to learn how you can guide your upcoming Microsoft 365 migration project toward success!