On-demand webinar

Q4 Customer Connect

Join the dynamic trio of Dan Flanigan, Vice President of Product at CoreView; Roy Martinez, Technology Evangelist also from CoreView; and David Nevins, Head of Customer Success at Simeon Cloud as they lead our 60-minute quarterly customer connect—going over the latest and greatest updates to our product roadmap and our recent acquisition of Simeon Cloud!

During this exclusive webinar created especially for our valued customers, you'll walk away with a wealth of knowledge, including:

  • Introduction: Meet our new CEO Simon Azzopardi for the first time
  • Recent releases: Dive deep into the most recent updates, ensuring you leverage all the powerful features at your disposal with Dan Flanigan
  • Simeon Cloud: Hear about the game-changing acquisition of Simeon Cloud with David Nevins
  • Why Simeon Cloud: Hear about the benefits of Simeon Cloud and CoreView combined with Roy Martinez
  • Our product roadmap: Get an exclusive glimpse into the future of CoreView as we unveil the path to innovation and progress with Dan Flanigan
  • Live Q&A: Hear about the game-changing acquisition of Simeon Cloud and have the opportunity to ask David questions in a live Q&A

Watch it now to stay in the know about all things CoreView and Simeon Cloud!