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Application usage summaries


Azure AD Reporting: application usage summaries

Another new report that is now available as part of the Azure AD monitoring package can provide visibility into Software as a Service (SaaS) applications usage. The SaaS Application Usage report enables customers to monitor the usage trends for their SaaS applications running on Azure. The report will also help assess the risks to the security of an enterprise network, such as the delivery of malware through SaaS applications.

This report provides a detailed overview of how all SaaS applications (integrated with Azure AD) are being utilized within the organization. It displays the application name, the number of unique users accessing the application, and how many total sign-ins have occurred during the last 30 days.

Application usage summaries

These reports are also interactive and configurable. By clicking the ‘Columns’ menu option, you can add or remove information from these usage summary reports. The columns can be filtered, and you can also export, save, print, or schedule these reports with applied changes and filters.

Furthermore, using V-tenants, or tenant groupings inside CoreView, allows administrators to control which operators can view these application usage reports for their user communities.
The reports can be also added to the ‘Favorite Report’ by clicking on the star icon close the report name so that you can quickly access it under the first ‘Analyze’ tab once you log into the portal.

Curious to view this report within your environment? If you already have CoreView deployed you can find this report under the “Audit’ tab” together with other Azure AD reports. Otherwise, don’t wait and signup for our free 14-day trial to see these features in action. CoreView is the most advanced Office 365 management suite available on the market.
The new articles about other Azure AD reports are coming. Stay tuned!

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