Raise your hand if you’re migrating to the cloud but are still managing a hybrid landscape. 🙋 How about if you have some Microsoft 365 apps in the cloud, but identities still on-prem. It’s a long, tedious process that needs to be done right.  Either way, this doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your IT Operations quality and performance by automating processes.

Incorrect user provisioning can have a direct impact on user productivity, while mismanaged deprovisioning can open the doors to potential data breaches.

What are you doing now to prevent it?

Join Doug Hazelman, Chief Evangelist at CoreView, for a 30-minute session. You’ll discover how to:

  • Perform account provisioning and updates on both cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Secure and manage your cloud and on-premise environments
  • Handle common admin tasks across m365 and on-prem users, including password resets, unlocking users, enabling remote mailboxes, and perform custom actions.

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