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Building Office 365 Power Users with Digital Dexterity


How to Earn a Gold Medal in Cloud and Digital Dexterity

There have long been PC power users – folks that push software and hardware to their limits. The cloud ushers in a new class of power user, and power IT administrator – those with superb cloud and digital dexterity.

Part of this dexterity stems from the passion and knowhow of end users or admins. However, dexterity is also driven by software solutions that create more productive leading edge users and agile, well-managed cloud and SaaS infrastructure.

IT research giant Gartner actually considers Digital Dexterity to be a solution category, calling it “Digital Dexterity and AI for the Digital Workplace.. So what is this new concept? “Digital Dexterity is the ability and desire to exploit existing and emerging technologies for better business outcomes,” Gartner explains.

Digital Dexterity is part of an overall move towards Digital Transformation. The problem is that “83% of leaders struggle to make meaningful progress on Digital Transformation,” Gartner argues, that despite the fact that these moves have corporate backing. “Because 90% of corporate leaders view digital as a top priority, it is a true enterprise challenge that requires changing the beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors of leaders and employees firm wide, not just in IT.”

To make this work, enterprises need a pro-dexterity corporate environment, and an effort to build employee skills that lead to dexterity.

According to Gartner’s “2018-2019 Annual Edition: Top Insights for the C-Suite” report, 90% of corporate leaders see embracing digital as a key goal, while “83% of Leaders struggle to make meaningful progress on digital transformation,” the Gartner study  found.

Achieving Digital Transformation and Digital Dexterity requires a partnership between IT and enterprise leadership, with both driving a change in the attitudes, mindset and behavior of the entire company. Even with this understanding, few enterprises have serious transformation and dexterity initiatives.

That is too bad, because dexterity drives fundamental change, creating a workforce that embraces the transformative power of technology, is flexible and able to take calculated risks, and work together in a collaborative, meaningful and iterative way.

Office 365 Dexterity

The vast majority of PC workers use some form of Microsoft Office, some for its over 30 years of existence. Millions made the switch to Office 365 to take advantage of the cloud and all the extra services Office 365 offers such as Microsoft Teams.

Being adept at the on-premises version of Office is not the same thing as being an Office 365 master. There are new services to harness and new ways of working with the cloud-based version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Organization of all shapes are grappling with the need to fully exploit Office 365 – and do so at scale.

Microsoft just reported that commercial Office 365 monthly active users is nearly 200 million users – and growing fast. Moreover, a Gartner survey showed 85% of respondents are either users or plan to adopt the cloud suite.

Meanwhile, organizations struggle to drive service adoption beyond email and Office productivity apps.

Training millions of new users is one thing. Creating a well-managed Office 365 environment that supports dexterity operationally is another.

Dexterity through Measuring

There is an old business concept – managing through measuring. The same is true for Digital Dexterity – measuring is critical to insuring positive and optimized digital workplace results. Here Gartner advises, “Digital dexterity is critical to the long-term success of organizations, but it is rarely measured,” suggesting enterprises establish a baseline for improvement and, if possible, benchmark against other similar enterprises.”

IT can be a Digital Dexterity leader – and prove the value of the software their organization is so highly invested in. The first goal is to believe in dexterity and have confidence that you can make a difference. That means promoting the productive use of your software assets.

IT, perhaps working with human resources (HR), business line managers, or the C-suite, can build a model to drive dexterity. In fact, IT can be a test case, leading by example with sharp dexterity gains.

What skills lead to dexterity? How are these skills taught? If IT is not already partnering with HR or business leaders, having solid achievements and a vision is a great way to open the conversation and collaborate with these groups for a broader strategy.

A great approach is to research the user base to find areas of application use improvement, and then devise a plan to address them. Once your learning and adoption campaigns are underway, you can measure the user base to quantify improvements, and pin point areas that need more attention.

CoreView Snags Dexterity Honors

Last year CoreView was named by Gartner as 2018 Cool Vendor in Digital Dexterity and AI for the Digital Workplace. “Enterprises must craft technology strategies that balance what is aspirational for the future and what is practical for now. Organizations that want to approach the future of work systematically and innovate or transform must often start with small experiments. Application leaders responsible for the digital workplace can then prove value before scaling those experiments for broader impact,” noted Gartner analyst Monica Basso.

The award recognizes CoreView’s ability to help foster and scale rapid user adoption of Microsoft Office 365 with targeted Just in Time Learning (JITL) training and adoption campaigns based on actual usage metrics. CoreView can see what applications are ignored, and get these end users quickly up to speed with context sensitive videos that appear as the worker actually uses the software.

CoreView then tracks usage again to measure if adoption goals have been met, or where they fall short.

According to Gartner, CoreView “helps foster and scale rapid user adoption of Microsoft Office 365 with targeted training campaigns based on usage metrics. [They] also enable optimization and service configuration fine-tuning to meet business requirements and achieve cost savings.”

How CoreAdoption and CoreLearning Drive Transformation

CoreView’s CoreAdoption makes it easy to filter usage data, create targeted product adoption campaigns and ultimately keep your change management and digital transformation/dexterity efforts on track.

With CoreView’s CoreLearning and CoreAdoption, you can establish a change management process that drives full end user adoption of O365 apps such as Teams, plus:

  • Drive the change management process by running targeted adoption campaigns and creating a learning path
  • Improve user productivity by increasing their Cloud Services Dexterity
  • Maximize Microsoft investment by driving inactive services
  • Reduce training cost by offering a self-service and integrated learning system
  • Maximize the return of investment
  • Optimize the knowledge retention for the workers
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce time away from job activity for IT and Helpdesk staff

Meanwhile, CoreView’s CoreLearning is an innovative Just in Time Learning (JITL) solution. It includes over 2,000 video clips from 30 seconds to three minutes covering how-to tricks and instructions for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Windows, and Dynamics CRM. The videos are integrated with the Microsoft tools so users never leave the productivity environment to learn skills. They learn as they work, saving time, improving comprehension, and immediately boosting productivity.

Read our Just in Time Learning (JITL) whitepaper to find out more.

Or you can request a demo of either or both solutions!

You can also watch our webinar, Moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, where Microsoft and CoreView executives walk you through the basics.

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